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Death is lovable in life.

Seeing death, everyone is scared. All fears end in death. Every death raises the alarm bell for us. He who understands death becomes the winner. The winner is not afraid of death.

The wife of a Zen sage has passed away. The people of the village gathered at the sage's house to mourn. But the sage was singing to the rhythm of his hands. He had no worries on his face. Was as natural as ever. Shock to those who came. Someone asked the reason. For that sage, what is there to laugh at birth or cry at death. We do not have both. My wife had no body or life before. Then came the body and life. Now both are gone. Those who came in between went in between. What is there to regret in this? He said the dead would never come back despite crying.

If there is such a thing as birth, there is definitely death. No one has conquered death from the saints to the kings. Planned life becomes meaningless by sudden death. So today, death teaches us the good idea of ​​living a good life. Sleeping is a form of death. The thing that tastes death while the body is there. This is the experiential word that Plato told his close friend when he was on his deathbed ... What a meaningful word "Practice to die while alive".

It reminds you that today may be your last day. It makes you want to enjoy it to the fullest. But this may seem like a bit of a scary thought to you. The reason is to think about death or not. In fact it is a philosophy of life. When you accept the deathbed mentality, you live each day as if it were the last day. Today is my last day, what would I do today? He will think about how you treat your family, co-workers, and even strangers. Think about how excited you are to live each moment to the fullest. The deathbed thing has the power to change your life. It energizes your day and gives you inspiration for everything you do. You will begin to notice all the important things that were being postponed. This thinking may be different for you. But, this is the biological thinking that makes life meaningful.

When looking in the mirror every morning, start work thinking that today is the last day for us. The greatest invention of life is death. Your time is not limited. So don’t waste life. Let us live life to the last in the face of death. Life is worth living because of death. Someone who gave the gift to death which  teaches a precious life.

 The gift to death?. Yes.

Q :What will you give when death knocks on your door?

A: I will not send empty-handed. I will gift my happiest life across a plate.

The gift was given by the poet Tagore.

Even after death like this, it is death that tells human beings to live life to the fullest. That is why death is so lovable in life.

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Wisdom Chinonso
23 Apr

The world is not our permanent address that's why we should do the right thing at right time


Boniface Gordian
23 Apr

One of the things we should all have in mind is that this world isn't ours. 

For sure death is inevitable and for that reason we should live as steward who will give account of our stewardship when our tenure is done. 


Endeme Tariah
23 Apr

Death is the greatest gift to a believer...it's important not to be scared of death. Let's enjoy life and impact on life's while we can, because sooner or later death will come calling. Death is inevitable.


23 Apr

It is very  scary but a muslim always believe on death that no today but one on a day it will finally occur..so i think wr should prepare about death that we can do our deeds good. Post is good which alarming the death time.


24 Apr

Death is the greatest gift to a believer...it's important not to be scared of death...we should EnjOy EVerY MoMent OF OUR LiFE..bcz We don't Know When OUR eyes Will be Closed...







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