Dear Angel ,Learn this.

 In this world we face many challenge in fact the life is a name of struggle and surviving it all looks very awkward somehow looks very good and interesting to see people achieving their goals and Getting their life partner in the hardship of life this is the biggest reality and truth of the life.

 Among boys and girls who face the more challenge many of us would say that both face but in fact girls face more problems than boys because they are surviving with a double standard society.

 they are serving in a society where they are not only facing problems at home not only facing the problems of joint but also facing the discrimination at the office at job Centre is at occasional centres by being sexually abused by being harassed.

​ in fact they are our mother they are our sister they are our wife they are our daughters we have to raise our voice to stop the violence against them we have to stand up to take precautionary measures in our society.

 dear Angels learn this that you are in this world just like a fighting Warrior you have to save yourself from the eyes of Lion from the eyes of Fox not only girls but also boys you are also there just like king and you have to win every victory and every Battle of the war.




Asmat Nawaz
27 Nov

Amazing and motivational creative writing. I appreciate your efforts. I think it will be motivational for both boys and girls


Godwin Imafidor
27 Nov

I agree with you that girls face more challenges than boys growing up especially if parents are separated


Madiha Jamil
27 Nov

The interesting story ever to read the dead shooter proved the fascinating reality the leader leads the army wether to be stong or productive he managed.thanx for sharing.


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