DEAR 2021. . . . PLEASE !

Dear 2021

All hope was lost,

boarders were closed

All doors were shut.

Movements were cut

Travelling ceased

Gatherings desist

Greetings ceased

Except by fists

No one walked

With face exposed

All wore masks

Why? you may ask

Dear 2021

From china to Italy,

Hit by a pandemic globally, morally

It can’t sweep all of us totally but

How differs this from slavery?

We were told “Indoors, indoors, indoors”,

Don’t dare open the doors and windows

Mask up and cover your body odours

Kiss not, hug not, you”re all singles

Dear 2021

We were physically handicapped,

Financially bankrupt

politically back-stabbed,

emotionally hard slapped

hands couldn’t be trusted,

sanitize or get busted

Follow the guidelines

lest you follow the casket

In every nation was tension,

testing with aggression

Not to mention the session

of abation in each nation

Question, in anticipation and preparation

For your arrival and situation

What should be our expectation?

A new dawn or just a continuation?

Dear 2021, be lenient to us…..

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Muhammad Shahzaib
25 Dec

Its almost a start of new year hopefully this year prove to be a better year for everyone of us and bring us back our happiness


Ayesha Malik
25 Dec

How wonderful phrases you have used to describe the paralyzed and camouflaged 2020 by discoursing 2021;

My prayer is to get the forthcoming year in its unique form;

We all are wrecked psychologically and physically!

Hope for the best.


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