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Dear Zeta,

It's the final week of your Junior session. What an amazing journey it has been. How has it shaped you? I believe the changes are obvious and your writing, more appreciated.

Your junior session was centered on vlogging. You were given tools and taught skills on how to become an amazing vlogger in the first two weeks and last week,  you finally got to practice all you have been taught.

Sincerely, I had very high expectations because you were in the hands of those whose videos were the best during their time. You are all amazing content creators but when it comes to vlogging, I am afraid I don't share same thought. It's either some of you didn't take your lessons seriously or you just didn't see the need to be competitive and give it your best. I have seen better videos from your predecessors and one would think the wise among you would visit their posts and see just how amazing their videos were and then create something spectacular yet original.

Without much ado, here are the entries for this week that deserves a badge. Don't forget to check out these videos and show them how much you appreciate their hard work. A click on the name or the screenshot will take you right to the post. Enjoy

Drum rolls 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁


Amber kashif has done quite a decent job with her first blog! She handled all the aspects of this video like a professional! Her voice is soothing and calming at the same time and she did an amazing job in detailing to us exactly what uptrennd University means to her. Nicely done Amber




Merit ahama continues on her meritorious path since she joined UU and has taken it up a notch with this video from her. Her first time and she has done a beautiful job of it, explaining  in details what uptrennd University means to her, with amazing videos, images word text designs and even references embedded in the video.

Brilliantly done Merit



A new shirt and straight to the beach for a very cool video, Badar Alam has just displayed an utmost sense of self confidence with his video! The way he composes himself and speaks freely in this video is amazing, he handled himself with great composure such that you want to watch the video to the very end of it.

Very well done Badar. You sure deserve to wear this badge.


Header graphic created on canva. Other images are screenshot of the student's work.




Chidiebere Christian
11 Apr

Congrats to 

@Ahama Merit

@Badar Alam


You guys have done exceptionally well. Congrats ad you enjoy your graduation and further your studies under UU.

You have made us proud. Kudos


Mfoniso Michael
11 Apr

Congratulations @amber. You actually made it here again. The fear was needless.

@Merit and @Badar. Congratulations to you as well.


Amber Kashif
11 Apr

Thanks for the confidence on me, dear


Bright David
11 Apr

Watching the videos kept me wondering how mine would be.. I must confess, they did brilliantly in this assignment and I think I learnt one or two things from their videos. Kudos to them... 

The list won't be complete without Amber's name on it... Congratulations dear.. Keep soaring. Congratulations @merit..more to come from you. @badar... Congratulations sir... Keep it up.. 

@zizy.. Thanks for your effort... 

Happy graduation


Amber Kashif
11 Apr

Awwww! Doesn't the same goes for you? No dean's list without bright


Dr.Jenny .
11 Apr

yes, amber no deans list without bright I agree with your point...


Bright David
11 Apr

Hahahahaha..... It's all by the grace of God. I wish to keep working so hard and I pray He keeps helping me. Congratulations once again @[email protected] jenny... Thanks for always being there for me... 


Magdalene Dan
11 Apr

Congratulations @Merit A, @Badar Afnan ,@Amber K. 

You guys did a great work. Congrats and happy graduation.


Agaga Julius
11 Apr

@Merit  A, @Amber K and @Badar welldone to you guys. You have done extremely great. Congratulations once again and happy graduation







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