Day&night in a single frame

Assalam u Alaikum buddies 

How are you?

I hope you all are fine and enjoying the good health status.

Today I have shared a sketch where I wanna show that day and night in a single frame.

What do you think how would be the scene look like when you see the day and night at the same time on that place where are standing? When you see that scene , i am sure that you will be amazed by the power of nature,  you will love that scene . You will fall in love with nature. 

Have you seen that scene of rainfall in that area where your front foot is wet and your back foot is still dry?

I have enjoyed that moment when my front foot is wet but back foot is dry. It means that there is demarcation between the area of rainfalling and dry area. This scene is also amazing. Many of us have enjoyed that moment but i never enjoyed thay moment when the sun is rising and moon is falling. 

Thanks to read this post

Sketch is obviously mine

Image source My camera 



Tasleem Mohsin
28 Nov

It's a great art of giving 2 scenes in one picture. Just like the rivers that are joining each other and not mixing , one black and one brown.


RinNy Mboro
28 Nov

The artwork looks amazing

I will be amaze to see day and night together at a point,nature could wow us for that 

Nice work


Chidiebere Nze
28 Nov

Yes, the night shot is better, but aren't they always. Night helps to hide the grime of cityscapes, but having both shots is a great idea and paints a true picture of the city.







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