Darwinia Network: How Valuable Is KTON?

A clear review about Darwinia was shared some days back and it was noted as a bridge blockchain it has that tendency to connect different chains via cross-chain technology and can be connected as a para-chain to the Polkadot Network. Blockchain networks or smart contracts as only one entity which is to perform operations by themselves and every activity were contained within without any significant communication with other blockchains.

With this clear concept, there is a limitation on the potential of blockchain networks. If the blockchain could communicate with each other and work together, let's mitigate weaknesses and synergize strengths, as well as pool security. Enter with me into another one of Polkadot’s offerings – Darwinia. 


The Commitment Token Of Darwinia (KTON)

RING token is the utility token for Darwinia as explained in the first review. KTON is technically a derivative of RING tokens. Whenever the RING is staked for 3-36 months, stakers generate KTONs as rewards and compensation for liquidity loss. This process propels users to hodl and commits to long-term lock periods.

Note: The KTON each staker receives is proportional to the RING staked, as well as its duration.

How Valuable Is KTON?

The KTON token creation theory is based on “future commitment”, which means how long one promises to hold a token in the future, which is definitely the basis of proof of stake mechanism. As at the time of writing this article, 1 KTON is $67.08 on coingecko and trading on 4 exchanges (Hotbit, CoinEx, MXC, and UniSwap).

The value of KTON can be traced to 

1. Governance

Governance is a feature common in decentralized finance though this feature is still in progress as the mainnet is still is a progressive phase. 

2. POS Mining

KTON staked provides the computing capability of traditional web and network service to serve the users in the Darwinia Network

3. Staking Power

4. Dapps Registration

In Dapps registration there is token for this operation and when this is finalized, it's very possible to receive an update on this since KTON is the commitment token.

Are you thinking of staking?

Create an account on Darwinia App or log in to the evolution land web portal and connect your Itering ID or MetaMask. 

Darwinia network is making the gaming industry rewarding as they engage in assets migration and usage of NFT asset profitable in multiple blockchains. 

In conclusion, it's a great deal to see Darwinia as a part of the Polkadot ecosystem, with this project the security is guaranteed and functionality enhancement for Darwinia is provided by a wider network with close research gathered. Yes, Darwinia is still developing its functionality and the mainnet is in the progressive stage, this is a project with great potential and many useful applications.



Dr Sana
23 Oct

wow its great I will join this as soon as possible, it looks interesting one 

Thanks dear


Ayomi Dimeji
23 Oct

I have heard about this project before.

But there are some steps I don't understand.

But am not that good in this area.

I will try it again

Thanks for sharing this..


Khrispyshots Chukwuemeka
23 Oct

Polkadot is the game changer when it comes to the crypto revolution and seeing Darwinia having the ability to connect to the Polkadot Network gives me nice vision

One striking fact about Darwinia is the ability to allow connection from different blockchain. 

I smell Bull run in this project and hope to see an AMA from them soon. And about the commitment token KTON i think i need to dig deep on this.

Thanks for the update @EngrSamest .


XxX offiong
23 Oct

The vision and  plan looks convincing, the price is good and the gaming industry is booming yearly so not a bad idea, what is the minimum stake and how long?


Xamborg Deuxchette
23 Oct

Great article mate


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