Dark Mode on Uptrennd .......... Check out Dark Reader.

So everyone would love Dark mode for Uptrennd and ive just made my Uptrennd turn Dark mode, how do you do it plenty will want to know as i know everyone loves a bit of Dark mode. Well here is how its done when you are using Chrome or Brave on your laptop, this will change any website you surf the internet into this mode and you have the choice to switch this on and off with a simple extension on your browser called "Dark Reader"

To add this to your browser use this :
Dark Reader

For more info on how it all works check out this :
Dark Reader Help and Guide

Great little find and using this will save our eyes for a few more years ahead rather than them being burnt out with the white glare. dark Reader is also a 5 star extension with over 2 million people using it and they cannot all be wrong.

Check it out and thank me later.



Shadda 🇵🇰
22 May

I always love to use the green mode in chrome.. But dark mode also my favorite and I have used it in the past...And I have already installed this application. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Eyes are great blessings of God and we can protect our eyes 👀 by enabling green or dark mode in chrome. ....


Don Christov
22 May

Hohoho now this looks pretty dope what the hell hehehe. I'm definitely going to try it out. Everyone really does love darkmode


Sarfaraz Ahmed
22 May

Sure Guardian are working alot to update more features in Uptrennd and I hope mobile users will also eligible to have such feature. Not only this I am also hopping for app of Uptrennd in order to have easy access. 


Godspower Sakanwi
22 May

Wow! This gives a perfect view while using it in a dark room. Atleast, no one will be peeping into my screen while i am commenting. The dark mode will appreciated more if we can have the Uptrennd app. 


Innocent Okonkwo
22 May

This is cool. Hope the Dark mode would be added to Uptrennd App being developed.







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