Dark Contrasting Illumination

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"We are perenially in a enmity to rationalize our own feud, sufferings, traumas and harrowings. We are always occupied convincing the world about how difficult life we have despite of owning so many significant goods and chattels. We slip away from paying gratitude about our belongings" said Abbot Ishtillama while preaching monks. "We agonize when we thrust despair the more, setback the filth of astray that keeps you in dark and return to the light" said Ishtillama.
 "I was once a narcotist, see i am now the Abbot of this monastery, it was the most difficult change, i flipped into a totally opposite person. I stopped cursing the gone and the absent. I insighted every pleasure even if it was minimal" stopped Ishtillama.

Monk Setukhita started sobbing that made Ishtillama to discontinue. "Setukhita is everything alright? What made you shed tears?" Paused Ishtillama. "Abbot i am a monk in progress but still i have filth inside, my false half keeps me indulged into dark" said Setukhita while crying.
Ishtillama smiled and called him near to himself, he took cold water in his palm and sprinkled over Setukhita's face. Suddenly Setukhita took a distorting breath and stopped crying. "Are you feeling relieved?" Said Ishtillama. "This cold water made my emotions stopby and the filth of negativity broke its continuity. This dread of cold made me stop whinning" said Setukhita.
"Water is pure, we ought to change its temperature, it changes when its environment changes but its lifeless. When the fire of evil catches you, wash! so that emotions are free of darkness. Water is easy to be commuted and see people dread it still, because it settles its constitution. When a lifeless entity casts dread why don't you?" said Ishtillama.
Every flaw, trauma, suffering once meets its end. Fire of evil is brought to defer. Man is a powerful creature who owes to his brilliant mind that can change the world then why not his ownself!!



Uwem Ekanem
17 Jan

I deeply agree with you ma'am,  every flaws, truama and suffering once meet an end. No matter how significant good one own, life sometimes bring us to a different phase. Although, we humans want to make changes about the world but we need to change our ownself before thinking of changing the world to be as we wanted.


Egwu Doris .
17 Jan

The mind of a man is powerful.

Its in the mind one take the decision to change. The man changed from been a narcotist to been a monk. The mind is at work.

Many people indulge in evil things and cast the blame on the devil. Their mind is enough to decline to the invite from the devil.

Great transformation for this man. AmaIng post @Esma Sid


Marva Noureen
17 Jan

You have rightly said that a person's mind is very powerful. If he uses his mind properly, he can bring about very good changes.

If man wants to change himself, it is not difficult for man


Muhammad Iqbal
17 Jan


Was it real person or you created ?

I could not understand . 

It is said that never think about that is gone think about what is in your hands and you are going to gin.


preview not available Esma Sid
17 Jan

obviously whole story and characters are created by me 


Muhammad Iqbal
17 Jan

Oh ... thanks for reply.

I will have to read it again to understand your article and the message you wanna give.


Marva Noureen
17 Jan

Every human being wants to change the world, but if every human being changes himself, the system of this world will become very beautiful.People don't need to change, you need to change

Man gets frustrated very quickly because he does not have the courage to face the situation with courage. If he will face the situation with courage, then nothing is difficult for man.


Bright David
17 Jan

Man indeed is a powerful creature but we tend to always limit our potentials. If we can change the world with our intelligence, so also can we change ourselves. It's a pity that we always believe in changing the world and not changing ourselves. 

Nothing last forever even our flaw, suffering and trauma... Great contrast.. I love how this was illustrated. 


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