Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy

This book is Fantastic!
I wasn't sure what to expect going into reading it, but I'm super happy I read it.

The way disparate concepts and ideas are woven together is quite impressive. We always get told a sanitized version of history and culture, but this book highlights a much more dynamic and lively view of history, religious and cultural development. That was super fun to learn.

The artful way the author linked tribalistic ecstatic dance to the power struggles of religion and state is something unique I've never seen before. In particular dance has a uneasy relationship with power structures and how it persist throughout changes in hierarchy and power is fascinating. I love these alternate takes on we developed as humanity.

In fact it left me reflecting on my own desire to dance, and the constraints of society that shackle the truly expressive of dance.

The only negative thing I can say about the book, is that the writing is a little dry and academic. But the content is so intriguing you keep reading anyway.

Wonderful book - I strongly suggest you read it.



RinNy Mboro
25 Nov

The book sure has a lot for us to learn and i love literally texts like this

I'll sure try to get it,is it online?


Jae Subramoney
27 Nov

Trust me - you'll enjoy this book! and it's definitely online :)


Pule theDR
26 Nov

I would  have love to ask interesting questions about it especially if it touches on cultures and religion, but that would kill my suspense to read. Is it available on hard cover?if so even much better


Jae Subramoney
27 Nov

Indeed - this book will pique your interest about a great many things:) I'm not sure if it's in hardcover but you can definitely get in in electronic.







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