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31 Mar
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Okonkwo Joseph 2 months ago

😢😢😢 ooh my. Do want to kill me, am salivating right now cause all this dishes looks yummy!!. 

Ayesha Pervez 2 months ago

Yes it’s soo yummy I tried matka  kulfi last month soo delicious I like it 

Fami How 2 months ago

Wow whar a beautiful way of presenting dishes

Jaan Tamana 2 months ago

Of course this is very good restaurant. I have visited it once while I was in Karachi. You remind me of old times.And its a very good thing, not too expensive

Fami How 2 months ago

Yes old times make us cry, and especially time spent in karachi can not be forgotten

kolobeJohannes Mafalo 2 months ago

Woow! What a feast here ... beautiful and looks delicious.

Is that for sharing or for one person?

How many people can share this if it is for sharing?

Hafsa M 2 months ago

we ordered 2 tikka, 1 BBQ thali and khausa for 5 persons...

Arslan Ashraf Qureshi 2 months ago

Pleasureable experience I would also for me😋

Fami How 2 months ago

Yea good question it looks very large meal

Cool Boy 🛡️ . 2 months ago

There is no doubt that Karachi's restaurants and Karachi cuisine are delicious and appealing,But inside thSadar, Haji Ghashita Khan has no contender for Dilim

Mohammad Kamil 2 months ago

Karachi is famous about these things

Fami How 2 months ago

Haji Ghashita khan I will remember this name


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