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We use the word cybersecurity for the protection that protects our computers, mobiles, electronic media, software, hardware and data is all the name of cybersecurity.

We should not throw all the rubbish on cybersecurity channels, we need to take part in it ourselves and there are some common things which should be known to us.... 

  • Do not give your phone to any unknown person.

  • Don't Share your personal information in response to any unkown email or Any message.

  • Do not share your password with anyone,even it may be a phone or computer.

  •  And don't keep email, Facebook, twitter and computer passwords the same. 

  • Do not use the mobile while charging.

  • Do not put the phone in the pocket in vibrating mode.

  • Do not rely entirely on any content available on the Internet.

  • And if your phone is lost, be alert immediately and deactivate the SIM immediately.

  • Don't talk to any unknown person especially on Facebook, Twitter or Telegram.

  • Turn off your Wifi Data and Bluetooth when you think that you don't need it.

  • And don't turn on the Location Service when you don't need it because it can cause many troubles.

  • Don't tell anyone your password of computer,credit cards or something. 

  • If you keep getting calls from unknown numbers, ignore them and don't pick up those calls. 

  • And always make sure that when you use any social media, don't forget to log out. 

These are just a few things to keep in mind because if the phone is hacked or damaged, no one will misuse our phone and we will not be in big trouble and if you wanna share more then please share more.




Arbaz Rkm
24 Nov

we bought these phones also android ones costly and they are much expensive , an we have to keep care of them , we should follow these tips to avoid mobile from damaging


Raazi Khan
24 Nov

It has become dire need of present time as hackers have become active all around. We should ensure our safety by ourselves.


Chidiebere Nze
24 Nov

I can't appreciate this enough. Cybersecurity has to be the concern of every individual that is on the digital cyberspace and not just for some government official or likewise body.


chika okere
24 Nov

Hmmm! Indeed, the rate of cyber crime is on the rise. But, if we can take all this safety measures then things would be better.

Thank you for this wonderful piece my friend. You've done very well. 💃☀💕


Jerry Otebele
24 Nov

Smiles😚💕 Indeed, you've said it and you're doing it. You're a WOMAN of your word - now you're exploring all the communities.

Cyber crime is a thing of very GREAT concern but, like you've said, we can play a better ROLE in preventing it from happening if these things can be put into action. ☀👑🙌🚀


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