Cyber security risk : Upland, Brave ,

Upland and security risks.

Although I apparently still have to wait for my earnings to show in BAT after using it for about a month now, it's thanks to brave browser that I managed to block out 58K (thousand) trackers, save 802 MB of data, an estimate of 48m of time saved, though I am not fully aware of what this meant. I have Brave set as my default browser for its usability and the chance to get some BAT although I get more BAT on publish0x. As my default browser all my other apps needing to open the browser have permission to use brave as how I've set it to maximize my crypto earnings. An app I use is upland, the real estate crypto blockchain properties trading game app. I own some properties there, upon further exploration I found that I actually have the title of ownership to my properties which made me very happy. It was an EOS transaction that I can view on blockchain. Further exploration showed that the access to this blockchain needed me logged in to have full access so I thought I'd create an account especially for my properties instead of using my other Eos wallet set up. 

This is where it got interesting, that blockchain connection is not safe, it's not private. Brave browser alerted me that attackers might be trying to steal my information from for example passwords, usernames, messages or credit card information and for that reason Brave blocked them. These kind of attacks fall under the 58K (thousand) trackers (and possible attackers) blocked by Brave. 

Advanced information showed that, that browser could not prove that it is indeed that it's security certification expired 418 days ago. Although this may be caused by misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting the connection. I'm really proud of the work Brave is doing, I have heard about them not proceeding or changing up their referrals program although I do not participate in the referral program.

The reason for this post is to raise awareness for cyber security, there's a lot out there that can cause us or our information harm. Brave affords us a real good protection barrier, if it's not the best then it's a good start.

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