Culture and the insincerity of leadership

Sometimes in resolving a conflict, we find it difficult to address root causes. Symptoms are much easier to deal with. So giving a diabetic patient, insulin is much easier than reversing resistance. Giving palliatives simpler than tackling the causes of poverty.

The second challenge in a crisis, is that you must align your views with the majority. Otherwise, you are labeled a sell out. 

Let’s speak culture as a cause of the crisis. 

A herder has an affinity with his  cow. Many tell me that the cow comes first before their own families. Odd? For non herders yes. As cows are untouchable in parts of India. Snakes in some parts of Eastern Nigeria. Dogs to some Westerners.  A culture is odd if you are not part of it.

The other issue is that of perspective. That if I do not see it your way, you are wrong. It’s a challenge in resolving root causes.

I shall explain the significance of culture in my next post.

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Endeme Tariah
24 Feb

You are's important to understand that culture is important to its people and to live in peace outside your territorial rights you must abide and respect the culture of the people that owns a land. I see no reason why people will obey their culture and won't respect the culture of others.


Anthony Eri
24 Feb

I believe one of the effective ways of resolving crises is by respecting people's beliefs and opinion. Instead of critiscizing or blacklashing someone because we don't practise the same culture or religion, I rather respect yours and you respect mine then peace shall reign!


Justus Bassey
24 Feb

Yeah you are right.  Culture is the beliefs, values, behaviour and material objects that constitute a people's way of life.

But what about those that don't even know their culture.. how do they do in this aspect


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
25 Feb

We should respect other's beliefs , religious ethnicity and cultural norms in order to keep up the peaceful environment. We should respect the fact that everyone has its own religion and culture and they follow their rules according to it. Only then such crisis will solve.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
26 Feb

I am sure you are following the Nigeria current news; just 2 days ago, it was officially stated that our national debt has now increased to a tune of N10,000,000,000,000.

Also, I noticed you copied a line from another user included in this post from Facebook ( Please always cite any copied item(s). 

"Symptoms are much easier to deal with. So giving a diabetic patient, insulin is much easier than reversing resistance. Giving palliatives simpler than tackling"


Chidiebere Nze
26 Feb

Politicians mortgaging our future since inception of Nigeria, thieves in Governance







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