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Ken Burridge 2 months ago

I guess this film will help us test if the old expression "Even bad publicity is good publicity" comes into play for the general crypocurrency ecosphere. I think the jury on: Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) still falls under the unhelpful bad/negative spin category. The FUD from centralized mainstream media will no doubt continue to be the norm for many years to come, whenever the world of decentralized cryptocurrency is mentioned.

Jansen L 2 months ago

Was indeed wanting to reply something within the same intention.

The movie is about a Russian money laundering scheme using bitcoin. Maybe it would help with the mass crypto adoption within... the criminal scene? Although would depend on how the plot turns out for them. smiley 

Anyway, am looking forward to see the movie.
It will for sure get some discussion going. 

Luke Brenland 2 months ago

will be giving this one a watch Jan :)

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 2 months ago

The work behind accelerating the massive adoption of cryptomonedas is enormous, between movies and video games we see a general trend for the coming years, a better future for all, we must be happy for what happens today and for what will come :)

Nathan Kaytar 2 months ago

Idk but I like the title. smileyyes


Josh Monrreal 2 months ago

Hollywood getting onto the action


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