CryptoVerse BullRun any?

"If wishes were Horses..."

Some years ago I came across crypto and then Steemit, to be honest; it was nothing compared to the Internet use of “Yesteryears” because every time spent is worth it. Then, there was no ICO exit scams and fraudulent Presales. Also phishing wasn't so common same with Spamming, Vote buying, and just a little Whale wars and hatred for other crypto projects. Starting new crypto projectd never became a war between holders, day traders and long term investors.

Publishing on the chain was still very much fresh and an average author would get rewarded with handsomely without lobbying for it like it was originally designed to be, where real contents creators are rewarded for their intellectual works. Fast forward to some years later, everything has changed, yet some crypto projects still stood the test of time and iwaxing stronger year by year after some years and counting. As an average Crypto user who had seen the disruptive capability of the Blockchain Technology both home and abroad, I have some of my own fantasies I still hope it Sync with the real economic situation of the world If this massive bull run actually becomes a reality and not just speculations.


One of these fantasies is to see other models come into full functionality on Uptrennd and maybe it just might soar the price up and attract investors and maybe developers.

Even though the price falls so much as it gains, there's still light at the end of the tunnel, we all have seen the unthinkable happen in a massive surge, and I couldn’t wish more for the price to rise above any predicted price tag in its Bullish moments and beyond.

Fantasies and Realities have been known to Synchronise, for as many like me who first got a taste of the power of the Blockchain through some three years back, this is one of my wildest wish for my bags of Alts to reach the moon and beyond!





Sussy Love
26 Nov

You have really been in the crypto space that you enjoyed it when the notice was less these days because of the flood of people accepting it, their have been people who AME to disrupt the process and plan, but like you I still have strong hopes


Freekay Gold
26 Nov

We all need to be hopeful for the time is at hand. 

Hard time is limited but happiness forever.


Saviour Essien
26 Nov

Crypto has changed lots of life’s in very special. It’s  a line of business that need great patients & risk taking. We all pray for 1up to massively bull up this season. 


Captain Philips
26 Nov

Indeed, delicate and ultra volatile business venture


Felix Akpan
26 Nov

You are right and I believe better days is coming forth and smiling will be ours. 

Keep moving and keep the faith.


Captain Philips
26 Nov

Bull run is the better days, maybe not for 1Up for now but for other Alts 


Felix Akpan
26 Nov

Though I dont know much about other Alts right now but I would have love to know and glab the opportunity too.


Anthony Eri
26 Nov

I share in your fantasies! It would be great indeed if other crypto projects, developers and more importantly long term investors collaborate with Uptrennd to boost up it's market capitalization.... It would definitely have a positive effect on 1UP but until then, we keep accumulating and keep believing....


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