CryptoPortrait of Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and renowned investor on "Shark Tank" and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, has made his first entry into the NFT space by minting his own NFT after revealing his knowledge of DeFi. He created a digital art titled “The RollUp 2021,” it features Cuban sporting a Dallas Mavericks shirt. One buyer spent 65 ETH on two editions.
After Cuban posted his own piece, many NFT creators transferred their own pieces to his account, likely as a way of drawing attention to their collections. He’s now listed as the owner of several different forms of digital art collectible.

He’s all-in on nonfungible tokens (NFT) and other blockchain-based ideas for his Dallas Mavericks and has revealed he holds BTC, ETH, LTC and is staking Ethereum DeFi coins Aave and SUSHI.

Mark has said he likes ETH. Recently a troll sent him a profane Ethereum Name Service domain name. Cuban was able to dispose of the domain by creating a burner address to nullify the address's private keys. The domain now effectively has no owner and will remain until the registration expires.

Cuban has mentioned the Dot-com bubble in reference to cryptocurrencies, suggesting that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other currencies could “be analogous” to the long-term winners of the era.

Unique NFT available on Opensea:

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Enobong Peter
05 Feb

Wonderful portrait. Thanks for sharing this information on uptrennd platform. 

I congratulate you so much, you done well.







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