CryptoPortrait of Jason Williams Going Parabolic with Diamond Hands

Jason AKA GoingParabolic on CryptoTwitter, has Diamond Hands. Why would he ever “take profits” from Bitcoin, simply the hardest money ever created and exchange it for fiat? He will just wait until he can buy what he needs with Satoshi. Until that time it’s an accumulation game!

Jason A. Williams is an investor and entrepreneur based in the United States. After selling his medical startup, FastMed for more than $300M dollars, he started to invest professionally. He has almost 20 years of running and building businesses and he shares those experiences in his first book "Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can't Fck With. Why bitcoin will be the next global reserve currency." He explains bitcoin in simple, readable terms and maps out how this ‘magic internet money’ will grow into the best form of money we’ve ever had. Jason is the first author to put bitcoin in context of the 2020 crisis - a year of financial disaster and unprecedented money creation (money printer go brrr!)*

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preview not available Osato Jegede
22 Feb

Jason A. Williams must be a Bitcoin Marximalist, though I may be wrong but that's just what I can make out of it. 


Mansoor Hayat
22 Feb

Nice sir. You are right.  I also appreciate the artist of this portrait.


Unyime Christopher
23 Feb

Wow incredible genius there, he is one of those entrepreneur with transforming minds


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