Dear Pickers, 

In order to make your user experience even more enjoyable, we have been working hard to recode the whole front-end part of the platform using the Vue.js framework. Vue.js is a framework specially used for user interfaces and single-page applications, this means that when you use CryptoPick on your mobile phone it will look and feel like a real application but in your browser... yes even more than before! We are very proud to present Patch 4.0:

  • New technology, Vue.js for a Single-Page app 📲, resulting in:

► faster. and smoother loadings 🏃‍

► bugfixes (flickering of icons,etc.) 🛠️

► new visual effects 🌟

  • New interface and dropdown menu:

►  3 dots dropdown menu (⋮) replaced by avatar dropdown menu

►  The "profile" tab was removed 

► "My profile" was added to the avatar dropdown menu

...and as good news never comes alone, we are also preparing for the upcoming roll-out of the Picky Shop 🏪 

preview not available

Stay tuned, many more to come to make CryptoPick even better !! 🔥 🔥 🔥  

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Murugan Jack
02 Nov

Yes, it is.Thanks Team for bringing the best web application upgrading choices. Feeling excited on the first look upcoming NFT skin's on Shop  👍🏼✌🏼


CryptoPick Official
02 Nov

Nice to see a happy (leader) Picker ;) 

We are excited too because what is coming is huge :) 


Ibrahim Salman
02 Nov

It's great last Day update cryptopick.. I have already used this website. I M happy my point increase day by day. But blnce zero. Thanks for sharing more information about cryptopick... 


CryptoPick Official
02 Nov

Hi Ibrahim,

We are glad that you use CryptoPick. Do not worry about your balance. The main thing is to have a lot of Pickies to be able to buy NFT (that will have ETH value) and to participe tournaments.

We will broadcast the AMA video where we explain NFT and Piky shop project. Feel free to ask questions here, on Discord or in the game chat.

Have a good day.

CryptoPick team


Aaron Rodriguez
03 Nov

We're ready to recieve this big surprise guys, be prepared and have a good picking in the meanwhile, the future of this page is very beautiful, have a happy and productive picking, here is TheZhephyR and ¡have a nice day!


CryptoPick Official
03 Nov


Thanks for this comment. That's an honnor to have the CPR leader and the Pickies leader in comments of the same post :) 

Good game.


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