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Non-Fungible Tokens are an essential part of CryptoPicks' vision.
The following article is a step-by-step guide on how to link your Matic wallet with your CryptoPick account. This process is mandatory if you want to buy NFT skins in our shop or if you want to tokenize (create NFTs from non-NFT skins linked to your account).

1) Log in to your CryptoPick account.

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2) Go to your Settings.

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3) Click on "Connect with Arkane" in the linked wallet section.
Arkane is a widely adopted Web3 wallet supporting many blockchain protocols including Matic which we will be using for our NFTs.

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4) Create an Arkane account.
If you already have an Arkane account log in to your account and go to step 6

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5) Accept the terms and conditions and verify your email.

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6) Grant access to CryptoPick.

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7) Create a Matic wallet by clicking on Manage linked wallets.
If you already have a Matic wallet you are at
step 9 and good to go.
If you already have
several Matic wallets on your Arkane account click on Manage linked wallets and select which wallet you want to link with your CryptoPick account.

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8) Choose a PIN and create your Matic wallet on Arkane.

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9) You should now see a Matic address in your linked wallet section, this means you have successfully connected a Matic wallet to your CryptoPick account!

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Congratulations you are now ready to tokenize your skins or buy new NFT skins in the shop!


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