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We are super excited to announce the first marketplace for the CryptoPick NFTs, Arkane Market!
An essential aspect of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is that they can be exchanged between players and collectors, meaning you can buy NFTs from others to expand your CryptoPick collection, and you can also sell your NFTs. The most secure and efficient way to exchange NFTs is by using marketplaces.


How to buy a CryptoPick skin?

1) Go to Arkane Market and log in.

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2) Click on "Browse the Market".

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3) Select CryptoPick in the Brand section and discover all the pieces that are currently for sale on the Arkane Market.

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You can also search for specific skins by using the search box on top of the page.

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4) Once you find the NFT you are looking for, and you agree with the listing price, click on "Buy for".

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5) Click on"Buy Item" to confirm your purchase.
If you don't have enough Arkane Credits to purchase the item, you can click on "Buy Credits".

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6) Well done, you are now the proud owner of a CryptoPick NFT. You can find your entire collection in your inventory on the Arkane Market.
You can also see your collection in your Arkane Account and in your CryptoPick inventory

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How to sell a CryptoPick skin?

1) Go to Arkane Market and log in.

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2) Go to your inventory.

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3) Click on the skin you want to sell.

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4) Choose Sell, Auction, or Gift
Sell: Set a fixed price for which you would like to sell your skin.
Auction: Set a minimum price to trigger an auction that will last 48 hours, after which the highest bid will win.
Gift: Send a skin to another Matic address for free.

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5) Set your price for a normal sale or your minimum bid for an auction and click on next.

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6) Click on next and fill in your Arkane pin to approve your sale.

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7) Click on confirm and fill in your Arkane pin to confirm your sale.

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8) Hooray, you have successfully listed one of your CryptoPick NFTs, you can find all the NFTs you have put for sale in your listings.

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And there you have it, ready to take your first steps into the NFT markets. Enjoy your trading!

For more information, read our CryptoPick step-by-step guide: How to link a Matic wallet to your CryptoPick account? and

CryptoPick Step-by-step guide: How to tokenize your CryptoPick skins?


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in our in-game chat, or you can also join our Discord for faster replies.
With major issues please contact [email protected]


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LadyV Okafor
30 Mar

I have been a part of Crypto pick for long and I enjoy picking a lot, I have won some eth and now is time for me to sell my NFT skin and buy more too. Thank you so much for this


CryptoPick Official
30 Mar

Glad to read that :)

Thank you for your support. Do not hesitate to ask if you need help or if you have suggestions. 

And if you like NFT's, stay tuned we will announce something new very soon ;)


Muhammad Zeshan Aslam
02 Apr

Waoo..Great update on great day!!


CryptoPick Official
02 Apr

Thank you :)

More good neews to come very soon ;)


Chinedu Mbamalu
30 Mar

I would have loved to get some nft but crypto restriction in my country wouldn't allow me to fund my account. I wish. There's an alternative to that


CryptoPick Official
30 Mar


Pickies are not a cryptocurrency but an in-game currency and can be bought with credit card or Paypal directly from CryptoPick website (not concerning by crypto regulation).

On Arkane market, you can fund your account and buy "credits" with Paypal too.

In both case, you don't buy crypto but products on internet.

And the 3rd way to get NFT's is our favoritet: get them for FREE by making predictions and playing CryptoPick. You will earn Pickies and be able to buy NFT/skins without any funding ;)


Unknown Strange
02 Apr

Not good share 😔😞😞


CryptoPick Official
03 Apr

Hi, what do you mean? Do you need help?


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