​📢 #NFT Community Contest ! 📢 

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We need your creative minds 🧠 to complete our first #NFT skins collection.

👉 Comment your ideas CP username below to have a chance to win your limited edition creation 👈

We're looking forward to your ideas. 😎

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Crypto Oracle
07 Nov

Looks interesting.  I'm still not sold on NFT as a long term collectable.  But am starting to collect a few cards in Splinterlands.  I will have to enter your contest!


CryptoPick Official
07 Nov

And what is nice is that CryptoPick, although having planned this NFT deployment since its inception, is only now implementing this functionality. We want to share this adventure with and for our users so it's the perfect time to get on board ;)

This contest is a first step to collect ideas based on our concept of skins in the game. The best ideas will be reworked to be skins in the game. The creators will be rewarded and the users will benefit too ;)


Ibrahim Salman
07 Nov

I have already used crypto pick but I have no idea this contest and participate. 

No earn profit and other. I have increased pickles. Regular paly game.. Halp me and some detail about NFT


CryptoPick Official
07 Nov

Hello Ibrahim, 

to start with the NFTs I suggest you consult this guide from Binance: https://academy.binance.com/fr/articles/a-guide-to-crypto-collectibles-and-non-fungible-tokens-nfts

CryptoPick will soon have its guide to the NFTs and Picky Shop, but we are saving the suspense for later and will be releasing it as a priority to our community.

It's a good thing to stockpile Pickies, because it will allow you to buy NFTs in the game and they will have real value outside the game. 

For the contest, it's just a matter of giving us ideas of elements that you would like to see inserted in the game as NFTs: your avatar is composed of 3 pieces: Pipe/Base/Claws and it's ideas of these elements that we would like our users to propose in order to participate in this great project and to see their proposals chosen and proposed in the game.

See examples here in comment: http://bit.ly/cryptopick-communitycontest 

Stay tuned for the continuation ;)


Aaron Rodriguez
08 Nov

I would like to see some cyberpunk o robotic skins with neon of some sort, maybe some with the flags ir the countries so the people can know where is located that cryptopick skills xD, But maybe something to the first thing i've write before Will be cool too, the possibilities are infinite, something cosmical Will be great too.Cryptopick Username: TheZhephyR


CryptoPick Official
08 Nov

We like your ideas and we take good note of it:

- cyberpunk and robotic

- something with flags 

- cosmical

Could you write your CryptoPick username or better (if it's possible for you and if you can't, don't worry, we'll record your comment ;) ): post your idea in our Tweet's comment: http://bit.ly/cryptopick-communitycontest  (you'll be able to see other players ideas ).

Thanks for your participation :)


Aaron Rodriguez
08 Nov

Yes, My username is TheZhephyR


Audrey Wilkines
10 Nov

looking fun


CryptoPick Official
11 Nov

Yes for the moment we offer two very easy predictions /trading games (Up / Down and Moon / Doom) and tournaments to win ETH and Pickies. The next step of development is in progress: setting up a shop and NFTs. That's why we invite our community to participate to create them. So if you have ideas, we're open for business. The CryptoPick adventure is just beginning :)

FYI, other users ideas are on Twitter:  http://bit.ly/cryptopick-communitycontest 


Daniel T Akpokewa
11 Nov

Come and join us in predicting crypto currency prices and earn ETH when you play and come between 1-11 in the tournament.



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