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In our previous post, we presented you our game CryptoPick and how you can do predictions with Up / Down and Moon / Doom games, participate in tournaments and earn Pickies© and ETH Ξ .


Pickies© are the in-game currency of CryptoPick. They are used for participating in games, joining tournaments, tipping other players, purchasing skins for your avatar, and much more. Pickies© can be earned by winning games or unlocking achievements. They can also be bought.

Participating in games

You can play to our games with your Pickies©.

Just choose your game, your prediction, your stake, and confirm.

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Joining tournaments

Entry to Tournaments has to be paid in Pickies© and winners will earn ETH Ξ as reward.

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Tipping other players

When playing the Moon / Doom game and before confirming your pick, you can leave an optional comment.

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If there is the "message" icon, it means that at least one user has written a credential or a comment to his "pick". To view these messages, simply click on the icon.

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To send a tip, simply click on "Tip" and the author of the message will receive Pickies©.

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Purchasing skins for your avatar and much more

1 - Access your Profile from the main page (top right)

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2 - Choose Edit avatar under your avatar photo

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3 - Edit your avatar 

Available item for buying or unlocked are visible here. simply click on "Use" (if item is still yours) or "Buy" to get it. Be sure to have enough Pickies© to buy and play afterthere.

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You can make your avatar evolve by choosing objects from 3 sections: Base / Claws / Pipe

Your customized avatar is visible in the Leaderboard and represents your success and skills in the game. 

Some skins can be earned by your achievements in-game.

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You can buy Pickies by clicking on the "+" or "Pickies" symbols in the toolbar (1) or by choosing "Buy pickies" in the menu accessible from your avatar at the top right of the screen (2).

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Once at the Pickies Shop, you can "CHOOSE A PICKY PACK" (1).

You can choose one of the two payment methods: login and payment directly via your PayPal account or payment with Debit or Credit Card.

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The main way to earn Pickies© is to play and do correct predictions.

The more you play and stake, the more you'll earn. 

All you have to do is to set your stake for each prediction and to confirm it for validation.

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We offer 500 Pickies© for each subscription to our game:

Subscribe CryptoPick here

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You can earn Pickies© by inviting friends to CryptoPick

You will earn 500 Pickies© for each invited friend doing 5 picks and your friend will earn a 250 Pickies© bonus for registering CryptoPick.

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Subscribe CryptoPick here

More cool stuffs to come...

Become a Crypto Picker!

CryptoPick is free, fun and breaks the news. Don't be a pickle and join the pickers.

Official Website: 

Join our social channels for news and announcements:

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James Essien
18 Nov

i love cyrto a lot .tanks for this heart in formation. You are a saviour.

please let's relate so I can have more information about this.



CryptoPick Official
19 Nov

Hi, thanks for your comment and welcome :)

Select a game in the Games section and make a prediction. Two games are currently available:

See you @ CryptoPick ;)


Ibrahim Salman
18 Nov

Thanks for More information about cryptopick.. I M already paly moon doom games hourly daily and weekly.. I M enjoy cryptopick games and up down..


CryptoPick Official
19 Nov

hi Ibrahim and thanks for your message. 

We're glad you like the game.

Don't hesitate to give us your feedback, we appreciate it :)


Murugan Jack
18 Nov

Full guide information on CryptoPick games for beginners. I'm sure all questions about Pickies were answered. Thanks CP Team 👍🏼✌🏼


CryptoPick Official
19 Nov

Thanks for your message and good luck in Pickies leaderboard (Top 5 ;) )


Olisa Ifechu

I am seeing this for the first time. I hope it tuts out good 


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