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The basic objective of this guide is the existing Bintex Futures solution and the related Bintex Futures project. In any case, it must be considered funding advice.

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Cryptocurrencies have added many changes in the global financial industry, from faster payments, lower fees, safety, blocking intermediaries and more. Because this cryptocurrency has stolen the attention of many parties, even the government. According to some experts, in the future, the cryptocurrency market will expand countless times, even according to, $8.8 trillion was traded on the Cryptocurrency Market on the morning and futures in the first quarter of 2020. This assures us that the cryptocurrency market is huge, large and potential.

When talking about cryptocurrencies, we should not ignore the technological know-how that supports it, which is blockchain. With blockchain, we can create a safe and transparent centrally focused ecosystem. In fact, many chemical, medical, market, etc. structures are beginning to implement blockchain science in them. Because they believe blockchain is an innovative technology this decade.

Advanced decentralized Blockchain platform

As previously explained, the development of the cryptocurrency market has brought many changes in the economic industry, such as in modern times, people can exchange using blockchain-based buying and selling systems. This trading platform enables safer, faster and lower-cost transactions.

Bintex Futures is a blockchain-based buying and selling platform that maximizes people's profits with a wide range of factors and services. Bintex Futures' solution is to end an exchange platform that provides users with a usable, integrated, efficient and inaltrusive alternative. As well as being an alternative platform will solve problems in cryptocurrency trading.

Platform features

Investors and cryptocurrency fans today want a completely invulnerable buying and selling platform for their digital assets. Therefore, to meet the needs of users, Bintex Futures will serve customers the following factors;

Today's traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts need a completely invulnerable buying and selling platform for their digital assets. Therefore, to meet the needs of consumers, Bintex Futures will serve users the following aspects;

✓ Security: Security is the most essential part of the trading platform, so the Bintex Futures team will build a financial machine that ensures security. Bintex Futures aims to meet consumer expectations with multiple layers of security, unsymed server-side security, hardware bag storage, and the best level of protection for phishing attacks and DDoS.

√ Liquidity: Today many trading structures are facing trouble due to low liquidity. Bintex Futures with BNTX notification code solves the problem of low liquidity, by integrating the BNTX notification code with Bintex Futures Exchange and ensuring the liquidity system is maintained.

√ Exchange: This is an alternative platform with various factors such as out-of-the-moment trading, p2p, DEX, etc., successfully processing 1.5 orders per second making it the fastest buying and selling platform on the market today.

√: Bintex Futures will support today's popular cryptocurrencies and currencies. And in the future, more large currencies will be added.

√ BintexPAY Wallet: Every commercial consumer will receive a personal wallet to shop for their digital assets.

√ BintexPAY Card: This allows users to receive a BNTX card on their wallet and allows them to use it as a debit card to pay bills or something.

√: Bintex Futures will help systems like the Web, iOS, Android, and PC.

√ Multilingual Support: Don't want to worry about support services. Bintex Futures will provide aid in many languages such as English, German, Chinese, etc.

BintexPAY Wallet

Bintex Futures will provide a Digital Wallet for each exchange user, especially BintexPAY Wallet. With this wallet, clients can save their digital assets or make transactions with various traders. The following are the issues that can be used with BintexPAY Wallet;

• Buy, sell, shop and pay in cryptocurrencies.

• Withdrawals.

• Have access to cryptocurrencies and charts.

• Information about BintexPAY deposit cards, fee cycles, card expenses, etc.

• Real-time card spending history.

• Loans

• Wallet apps will be useful on Google Play and the APP Store.


This is a magic card used daily all over the world, it approves the real-time conversion of the BNTX notification code in the personal wallet to multiple currencies. Here's how to use a BintexPAY CHIP CARD;

• Fiat real-time conversion with Bintex Futures

• Cash back program

• Cryptocurrency credit

• Partnering with fiat payment systems.

• Recommended acceptance on Applepay & Googlepay.

• Control all

• Rewards


BNTX Tokens have also been listed on other prominent exchanges. As of the time of this document, BNTX Token has been listed in UNISWAP, LID Protocol, Bitforex, CHAINX and P2PB2B exchanges. The core group announced in their telegram channel that it would list on the Kucoin and Hotbit exchanges in November 2020. These are incredible moves from indigenous Indian companies.


BintexFutures' core team consists of more than ten core members of the group, including the CEO. These managers have years of experience under their roofs. You can take a look at the images and their location below.


The huge growth of the cryptocurrency market led many traders to start treating cryptocurrencies as an asset they would invest in. However, most trading platforms today still have some problems, such as low liquidity, security, etc. Bintex Futures is a blockchain trading platform that will serve clients with a number of aspects and services. With Bintex Futures, hopefully users can buy and promote orders instantly with just one click safely, quickly and easily. All the power of BintexFutures exchange, is in the palm of the user's hand. Download the BINTEX mobile cryptocurrency buying and selling app soon.

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