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Crypto Use Cases?

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Johnny Feeles 2 months ago

The most memorable moment so far for me is buying some Costa Rican coffee beans from https://divi.coffee

Some will say buying coffee with crypto is a bit cliche but its a great starting point to get the wheels turning.

It was started by one of the community members with a coding background with an aim to act as a proof of concept/divi use case/open source base for others to build websites from (https://github.com/Encke/divi.coffee), yet has grown into something more which illustrates the community focus that Divi promotes.

1. Costa Rican Coffee is awesome.

2. Divi checkout process is simple, quick and efficient. Its everything that a crypto checkout/payment process should be.

3. Proceeds go to help Costa Rican students with sponsorships, tution, scholarships, etc


Omer Farooq Farooq 2 months ago

I don't know prior this information that Costrican coffee is the world best coffee and dear now Starbucks is also starting coffee program through CryptoCurrency. So you are not alone now 😉

Owusua Appeagyei 2 months ago

Smaller things generating into essentially big things - purchasing coffee with DIVI is a revolutionary change for the entire crypto space. Kudos to DIVI.

Arames Volpato 2 months ago

I think it's a great idea - looking at ways we can purchase with crypto and creating use case and utiity - getting it into circulation that's what it's for. The fact that proceeds go to a good cause is a really cool idea and a great incentive for people to use it too.

Md Omar Faruk 2 months ago

There is a lot to learn from your post

Carlos Petrini 2 months ago

Realmente no puedo decir que el café costarricense sea el mejor, puede ser uno de los mejores ya que el venezolano se envía como cacao, lo que si es cierto e innovador es insertar café en el mundo criptográfico, es muy motivador y ejemplo a seguir en otros lugares del mundo, ya trabajo con un grupo de personas para ver qué aportaré desde aquí, ya que me gusta competir y también innovar

Ramdhani Saefulloh 2 months ago

i have memories on crypto who i cant forget it, this is the story, hope you can enjoy it 🤣

5 Month ago i have like $300 on my pocket, for me that is lot of money, and i have 2 choice for spending my money for buying a coin/token, and i have 2 choice, The A coin who already exist for long enough, The B The new token who list at quite famous/big exchange, and i chose the A, why? because i belived it on that project and have a big community..

2 week later

then boomm, Price Of B has pump, if i buy the B i have like $1000 really big profit, and the A (Shiittt) It dump, and i've lost like $150 and not growing, and i have decision to leave it and take my rest of money..

and im NEVER buying crypto anymore, for now i will get it for free, like get it from airdrop or bounty.

that's my story 😬

Luke Brenland 2 months ago

haha well can i give you some advice next time split the money in half and buy half of both ;) haha

Dont worry these things happen its just experienced, i have lost my fair share and not even because of buying the wrong coin just because i lost a wallet with about 7 ETH onit hahaha

Shit happens.

Sam BTC 2 months ago

Well Luke, you learn from such incidents. That 7 ETH loss would have made you extra cautious about how you stock your crytpo now.

I agree with your strategy of always diversifying your investments across coins and not putting all your eggs in 1 basket.

Another mistake I see many people do is panic selling. Like Ramdhani panicked when his $300 coins dropped to $150.

Crytpo is still nascent and it will reward people who have the patience to hold their coins for 3-4 years.

Omer Farooq Farooq 2 months ago

I think you are giving holding time of 3-4 years is much dear. I am stock trader and in worst sceniro a person back to his rate within one year if you pick decent stock. Same pattern is applicable in the CryptoCurrency.

Sam BTC 2 months ago

Every person has his style and preferences. Traders like short term gains investors want long term value- I was a stock trader for over 5 years. After studying Bitcoin and crypto for last few years I have decided to invest. My reason is many people traded BTC when it moved from $1 to $10, then $50 to $100, but the real winners are people who held long and waited to see $20,000 peak and then there are HODLers like me who have faith BTC will hit $100,000. I am not saying ur wrong. Just saying my style is different from yours

Omer Farooq Farooq 2 months ago

I agreed with you the point that long term investors always play win win policy and get good rewards in return as you example of Bitcoin. So many examples I saw in stock but I am weakholder so I quit early.

Sam BTC 2 months ago

Keep trying it will happen slowly. I also switched from being trader to investor over 2 years. It's important to invest small amounts regularly and not big funds which you might need to withdraw for personal emergencies. All the best.

Omer Farooq Farooq 2 months ago

Every person has his own decision but if I was in your place then I must go for the B category reasonable tokens because there we can get much space for upward journey.

Sam BTC 2 months ago

I will be following this thread as I am really interested to know what are the practical use cases of crypto being realised across the world as of today. We know that bitcoin has now been around for over 11 years but practical adoption is still very low.

Dream Use Case- Like all diehard Bitcoin maximalists I wish to see the day I can use the BTC saved up to buy a Lamorghini :) how long this dream will take to fulfil only time will tell..

Practical Use Case- This is not as glamorous as the dream. So far the only practical use case I have is of BAT. I have several active blogs so I have joined the BAT creators. I receive BAT earnings and also tip in BAT to the authors I like. I think BAT has the greatest potential as of now to popularize crytpo adoption worlwide if the smoothen up their operational glitches.

Luke Brenland 2 months ago

Haha that would be awesome and i am sure if you work hard enough you can get the right amount of BTC for it! whatever you do make sure you get at least 1BTC and do not sell it! haha

Ahh that awesome too and i get bat from the rewards but nobody has tipped me yet haha ;( lol

You have realistic goals/dreams!

Sam BTC 2 months ago

Thanks Luke! you have shown more optimism towards my dreams than my family :)

You bet, I am a true HODLer i won't be selling out my BTC any time soon.

Itliker Shadda 2 months ago

Thes idea of Tim Is really great i have known cryptocurrency market about 3 years ago and then after alot of research i got involved in it. First of all  i wan to tell you have all stories of failure except uptrennd that is my hope. But i believe on a statement made by Vivek Bindra ( International Bussines Coach) " All the stories of great success are are all stories of great failure" following this saying i started improving everyday.

I joined more than 2000 airdrop but got only 20$. Then i started making refferal and bulid about 500 on a social media and again got 38$. This was a little motivation.

Then i started focus on hxro waitlist program i made 300 refferal but they only pay me affliate token of only 10 people. That was not withdrable and i can only play game with it. I stated playing game and made 200 token of worth 20$. And next day, when i checked it was gone and hacker have set 2fa on my account. 

Then i came to know about digitexfuture exchange i made referral about 130 and i got 100th position in referral board and they say they will give me 1000 dgtx token but i never got them.

Then i started journey with flixo exchange and uptrennd simultaneously. And made made 70 refferal on flixo and 150 referral on uptrennd. That's my whole crypto story. 

I consider everything a opportunity.

Osato Jegede 2 months ago

Memory lane, 2017 which was the hallmark of IPOs, my experience was both positive and negative. Post 2017 has seen crypto becomes part of my every day experience. My friend and I largely live our daily lives on crypto peer to peer. It's really fun for us, but in more recent time. Our favorite tokens is the 1Up, trading on the idex exchange is a nice experience everyone who is not already involved should be will to explore. 

Omer Farooq Farooq 2 months ago

Basically I am stock trader dear admin osato but I loss much some months before so I haven't much money. Otherwise I surely invest in 1UP tokens directly purchase with Fiat money. I am trying some of my friend or brother give me the money because it's right time to invest in Uptrennd 1UP tokens.







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