There over 500 cryptocurrency exchanges globally where crypto users can log in to and perform cryptocurrency trading, but crypto users have faced with these questions; "Which exchange is best for trading?", "What benefits do I gain from trading on a particular exchange?".

These are some questions cryptocurrency users asked before going on an exchange to trade.
But, unfortunately, many of these exchanges cannot provide crypto users with fast, secured, and rewarding transactions when trading is done on their exchange, rather the make the assets of its users vulnerable to hackers and overcharge users with high transaction fees to fill their pockets without thinking on how it affects the crypto community.

These challenges have finally seen the light for Brexily exchange, a product of Everus Technologies has been set in place to tackle these issues.


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Brexily Exchange is a product of Everus Technologies put in place to accomplish its mission of creating widespread adoption of cryptocurrency globally. It was launched in May 2020. Brexily exchange has been integrated with a lot of features as well as other branches in other to make it successful and benefiting to the crypto community.

Brexily has put in place other platforms to enable crypto users to fully utilize their cryptocurrency. By earning cryptocurrency through the Brexily’s Earn Crypto System and making payments for goods and services easier through the Brexily’s BrexCo platform.

Brexily Earn Crypto System:
People are starting to realize that passive income is a way of insuring ourselves against future emergencies, especially what happened during the COVID19 epidemic that led to the loss of jobs and means of survival. Investing, to earn a passive income has been a good choice for many.

That is why Brexily is putting the Earn Crypto platform in place to enable Crypto users to earn passive income at affordable investment price and a high dividend return.
Earn Crypto is a branch of the Brexily platform that will revolutionize the way we invest with cryptocurrency, the Earn Crypto platform is suitable for both users with and without the knowledge of cryptocurrency.

The investment plan starts as low as 25$, 50$, 100$, 250$, 500$, 1000$, 2000$, and the Lock-In period as flexible as 1month, 3months, 6months, 12months, and 18months.

The Earn Crypto offers a higher dividend return to users who invest using the EVR Token.

Brexily’s BrexCo Marketplace:
BrexCo is a branch of Brexily platform that has been launched to provide cryptocurrency users with a safe, easy, and efficient payment system where crypto users can make payments for goods and services using cryptocurrencies.

BrexCo is a one-stop payment gateway where crypto users can use for payment on all their daily bills, such as; Mobile reload, power bill, Tv subscription, Hotel and flight booking, etc. The BrexCo is built with tight security algorithms to keep the assets of its users safe and it is designed to make it very easy for new crypto users to get acquitted easily.


Security: The Brexily platform is built with a Three layered security protocol to help keep user’s assets safe and it has integrated Google Two-Factor Authentication giving its users maximum security.

Low Trading Fee: Brexily offers its users a low trading fee when they trade on the exchange, unlike other exchanges where the users have to pay very high fees, just to transact on the system.

Community Reward: Brexily puts its community first by creating a reward system that benefits its users, such as; sign-up bonus and a referral bonus for users investing in the Earn Crypto system.

Multiple Payment System: To ensure its users don’t have payment issues when making using the system, Brexily has integrated into the exchange, multiple payment choices and users can make payments using their Credit/Debit Card.


The EVR Token is the official token of the Everus network and the Brexily platform which gives its holders a lot of benefits when used on the Brexily platform compared to using other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits such as; high-interest returns on the Earn Crypto System, discount when making payment on the BrexCo Marketplace and a lot more.


Brexily platform is not just providing the cryptocurrency community with a safe and more efficient platform to perform all their daily trading activities seamlessly but with a platform where users can actually earn back their cryptocurrency in the Earn Crypto System and utilize their earnings effectively by using it to purchase goods and services in the BrexCo Marketplace.

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