Crypto Stalkers Contest ~ 2000 1UPs for Grabs

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So finally upon friends demand I along with my friends have created a Crypto AMA (Ask Me Anything) group named "Crypto Stalkers" The sole purpose of this group is to increase crypto adoption and education the masses. We will be holding Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and try to build up a healthy community.


For this, I'm looking for volunteers which will be assisting us in the initial start of this initiative. Interested? DM him on telegram ~> @cryptstalker and state why you're good for this position :) After all, this will help you guys in the long run if you know what I'm mean Hehe!

DM him ~> @cryptstalker


To promote "Crypto Stalkers" I'm arranging a contest for Uptrenndians I hope you all are going to avail this opportunity. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Create a post on "Crypto Stalkers" and how this initiative can help people in this field (You can suggest and give your ideas too) 

  • Create a tweet including that post link and stating how you're willing to play your part in this initiative. Must Include these tags @StalkersCrypto #BNB #BSC #AMA

  • Comment down your Uptrennd & Twitter post link.

Note: Please include Crypto Stalkers Social channels in your post. 👇

〽️ Twitter: 

〽️ Telegram:

〽️ Ann:

Reward ~ 2000 1UPs

We will be selecting 5 lucky quality entries to get 400 1UPs each

Deadline : 28th April 6 PM UTC 

I appreciate your participation and support and I'm looking forward to encourage more people to join and book the vast endeavours of crypto. 

Follow us ~> Twitter || 

Join us ~> Telegram || Announcements 



Med Hamza
20 Apr

Good start Nveed bro i hope you yhe success to you and all the team of crypto stalkers, good luck bro ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


RinNy Mboro
20 Apr

This will not Only help pey but it will help me in particular

I cannot miss to Express myself in this initiative

One who knows never fumbles so I look forward to knowing more from this contest


Saqib Ali
20 Apr

Well @Navi  it's great opportunity for all of us to grab or win some 1up token.

Actually it's a great effort. By you that you arranged such type of contest and people are showing their interest in crypto. Thanks alot for this great contest


Abdur Razzaq
20 Apr

Along with grabbing One up tokens there is big opportunity to learn more and more about the nature of the Crypto


Adams Toskid
20 Apr

Wow! Sir, you are giving us more power, enlighten us on the crypto line, and It so fantastic. Because don't really know more about crypto.  I will participate in the contest and also all the tasks will be done right now.

Thank you sir for your kindness.


preview not available Navi .
20 Apr

Awesome :) Appreciate that 


Asher Rasheed
20 Apr

It is really a great opportunity for uptrendians and especially who will be selected for initiative. It is a wonderful way to make people aware more and more about Crypto. 


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