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13 Jan
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Omer Farooq Farooq 4 months ago

You are working all four platforms are good but steemit now loose his identity because you can check the users figure which reduce to join and they also change his points system rest their price is much down just 0.12$ from 8$. Uptrennd is the best of all choices because their price is much down but they are new and now their turn to jump the price once people figured. The new developments of adding communities bring many new active users which turn from different same websites.

Lucas S 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing your experience with all of these platforms. It's great to hear actual experience for those of us who have never really used any of the other sites. The BearShares sounds interesting, but somewhat complicated for the uninitiated.

I agree that Uptrennd has been awesome since I started back in June of 2019. The community and core group have been nothing short of amazing. I am still pumped about the opportunities here and can't wait to get more things going!

Bitcoin Bee Reporter 4 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this info.

AllahDitta Awan 4 months ago

Very good brother please give me link

[email protected]@ [email protected] 4 months ago

Well this is first time i heard these names of website. It is new for me. I only know about uptrennd. But at least i can give it a try. So thankyou very much for sharing such a good post.


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