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Crypto Slowly Emerging In The African Market.

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Kostas Tsakaloglou 1 week ago

Of course, this is not just very good. It is great.

Alberto Dionisio 1 week ago

Oh yes absolutely good mate 👍

MdShafiqul Islam 1 week ago

 Thank you. Good and real information for African. Next time blowout crypto in African.

Alberto Dionisio 1 week ago

Thanks your compliment surely Africa will be the future for Crypto.

Itliker Shadda 1 week ago

Africa is on the way of great adoption of cryptocurrency. Everyday good news are coming. I hope other countries will learn from Africa and adopt cryptocurrency and help the people to come out of poverty.

Alberto Dionisio 1 week ago

Yes and the Most amazing thing in AFRICA is that the Young living here they're buying BTC in Force and investing a lot but due to literacy I Crypto most are getting scammed by obscured businesses,i try to explain most of my buyer's [I sell BTC and other Cryptos thru WhatsApp, Telegram...] and they're too excited that's cant be Good if they don't Invest wisely...I am affraid that scammers start yo look Also to the Continent!

Muzammil Abbas 1 week ago

No doubt Africa is going to make a lot of progress in this field in the coming days

Alberto Dionisio 1 week ago

Yes and the movement in that way is Huge and companies are investing in"Force"📈

Jonathan B 1 week ago

Nice report. Perhaps many Africans will never even use a bank. Many can go straight to crypto I guess. Keep an eye on Electroneum too...they are building a digital gig marketplace and Africa is likely the first place they will market it, most likely South Africa to start. They have partnered with lots of NGO folks...could be a success

Alberto Dionisio 1 week ago

Thanks,and you right about the use of banks in Africa,I live in a Country where the storage of money is on Mobile wallet and that somehow will increasing the use of Crypto in the continent...and of course I will give a look at Electroneum☺

Jonathan B 1 week ago

In which country do you live? Do you guys use MPesa? I keep hearing about it, but as an American, it's bit of a mystery as to how it works

Alberto Dionisio 1 week ago

I live between South Africa and Mozambique [I spend most of my time traveling but Native from Mozambique] and of course we use M-pesa [there about 56million citizen In South Africa and 28million in Mozambique more than half of that People use the e-money wallet] and that facilitate the Transactions in Crypto between us here!


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