Crypto Market || Actifit Card: September 5 2020.

Yesterday was another day on its own, what actually prompted me to check the market was when I was told that my Hive value has reduced to almost half. I was very scared. Asked the guy how bad it is, he told me it's everywhere, so I head over to Coinmarketcap to check, what I see is blood everywhere. I just can't hold it anymore. I have to stay in the hunger for more days.

To those who has some cash with them, the best thing to do at this time is to buy more Crypto, yes, I mean but more and more, there is no better way than to buy the dip, it is for sure that the market will balance itself in some days to come.

I went out yesterday for evangelism, it was very great in God's presence as an evangelist and telling people about the kingdom of God.

In the evening time, I went out to get something to eat and prepare myself some food.



Anees Khalid
06 Sep

Yes now a days the Cryptocurrencies values are downward and it's best time to buu and save some fast growing crypto....

It's good piece of advice by you dear....


Ademigoke Emmanuel
06 Sep

This is the best time to invest in crypto. But make sure you invest with your spare cash. Don't be too gredy. Getting some tron coin now. Happy Sunday to you my brother 


Charles Afolabi
06 Sep

Yes, the best time to invest in Crypto is now. It will surely get back to normal soon. Thanks for the eye opening.


Kenneth Aigbuza
06 Sep

exactly... if you have cash, now is the best time to buy and stake them.. no better time than now


Uncle Jay
06 Sep

The crypto market is so bad yesterday. Nobody knows when it will rise again. We are just hoping. 


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