Crypto Loan Given Company Nexo Decrease Rates Of Loans

Nexo a loan given company on the CryptoCurrency announced to reduce the interest rate on loans in crypto credit lines.
According to a press statement on 22nd October that they are lowered the loan percentage on crypto credit line service with financial aid which save after long term finance. Now Nexo who is given loan on immediately basis is Claim that they are giving loan in very low ratio in atmospheric system.
The credit cards lines of Nexo has started from 5.9% which has no any requirement for return and no credit check with available more than 200 jurisdiction.
Nexo give permission of borrow to all digital asset holders without lost the ownership of his asset like BTC, ETH, Litecoin and XRP.
Nexo is inform that they give profit of 249574$ of his token holder which reached 12.73% annual profit on investment.
Nexo profit ratio is much higher than if we compare with any dividend pay stock of s&p 500.
During this month Nexo is launched a CryptoCurrency credit card through MasterCard which they claim the first card in the world which make to able the user to spend CryptoCurrency without any reality.
Nexo main rival Celsius who has improved 300 million dollars in his assets in 12 months and completed 2 billion dollar business in the initial stage of lending money. Celsius complete 160000 loan order for trade and distribute three hundred thousand dollars in the interest payments. Celsius is claim that they become on the top level company in the world who are giving loans fast.

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