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Crypto Investing: Maximizing Profit Potential and Your Probability of Success - How to Create a Winning Portfolio

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Elena Demou 2 months ago

This is perfect. What a great guide. I completely agree, in fact I absolutely have coins in each of those categories and pretty much steer clear of Micro-Cap coins. Too risky for me. This is great advice! yes

Luke Brenland 2 months ago

Advice well worth taking on board! Always worth staying current with the different sectors you hold coins in.

Julien Leroy 2 months ago

Thanks for this great post. So would trade all your ETH for NEO if you had some eth?

Jeff Kirdeikis 2 months ago

I have heard first hand from projects on Neo that are very unsatisfied. 

ETH, EOS & Steem are my three main Smart Contract platforms, with Stellar + Vechain being up there as well.

Josh Monrreal 2 months ago

Nice write up Jeff... I am invested in many of the coins in your examples... This is good news to me. Others i am going to take a deeper dive in. 

But deff agree with you on the Micro caps. 

Jeff Kirdeikis 2 months ago

haha hopefully its not the blind leading the blind wink


Nathan Kaytar 2 months ago

Diversification is key you are right! 

Over 830 projects currently on the go with the list growing longer every day! This number just is not sustainable. 

Dope coin.... Lol


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