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Are you a crypto lover? If then this post is especially recommended to you and if you are new in this world of crypto no worries you are going to earn and learn very well stay updated, without wait let's move straight to the discussion. Within this world of crypto, many projects are appearing with time but not all of them are beneficial for you. Multiple is only wastage of time and you would get not even a single penny after giving them attention and investment. 

But now this is not going to happen as I am going to introduce you to a marvelous educational,  informational, and paying project we call "Crypto Eagles" you heard it right you would be paid for your engagement and time.  But now to let's see this:

Aim and Task of crypto Eagles:

Originally this group is being held to give people information and knowledge about the crypto projects that are revolutionizing the world. For this purpose, AMA is being held in which the CEO or the founder of the project defines their crypto project in simple words. 

Procedure for participation;

This may take 10-15 minutes now the group is being unmuted and the participants are being allowed to raise the questions. Within this duration of 2 minutes per head 2 questions are allowed. The guest for the AMA selects the best 5-10 questions and they being rewarded with 10 or 20$ per question. Yeah, see only 20 minutes of engagement can make you rich.

Let me show you the evidence of how many AMA is being hosted by Delta boys: See ;

For joining this channel click here

Crypto Eagles announcement ​​​

Within a few wee,  more than 14 AMA are being organized very well, and on daily basis, AMA is being held: here is the evidence for the winning questions.

Now you  would be excited to join this incredible  and earning group so here is the link:

Educational and promotional group of Crypto projects 

Crypto Eagles telegram group ​​​

Do follow them on Twitter 

 ​Twitter handle​​​

Now, why you are waiting to join this project before it's too late.

I have attempted my best to explain all the stuff more simple but still if you have confusion ask here in the comment section but beware of spamming and if you have queries tag the admins of the groups they will assist you in the best and humble way.

Screenshots are taken by me, Gif is the property of admins and the course header image is designed by me on Canva.​the badge is being earned from Uptrennd university 🥰

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Maria Amjad Ali
20 Apr

You shared useful stuff dear... No doubt, cryptocurrency is demanding now a who wanna invest in it and gain much more profit should be follow all these points...thanks for sharing. 


Ayesha Malik
20 Apr

But when and where to earn crypto is yet crucial and it's my effort to make people eager for acquiring knowledge about crypto.


Lubna Rao
20 Apr

I have no knowledge about crypto but now I'm going to join in telegram and contact with any uptrenndian for the info... 


Ayesha Malik
20 Apr

Crypto is easy to understand but many times your experience and choosing the right project is needed.

You are most welcome to become a part of this project.


Lubna Rao
20 Apr

Warmly thankfully to you


Taha Aftab Baig
20 Apr

Crypto currency would be the next most common currency and what I think is that people trying to help others in learning,mining and using crypto are the real legends.

Helping others is the best thing a good human can do and giving gift to others from your possessions is really appreciative.


Mr.Oxman Oxi
20 Apr

I have already join crypto eagle telegram channel @kamran Akbar handle this group and many other senior guardian also 

Yes this is beautiful period when group is unmuted and every ask two questions about crypto and earn $ sometimes other tokens that's great Aysha 


Ayesha Malik
20 Apr

Haha yes, that duration of 2 minutes I remember even I can't find my question in the flood of questions.

Thanks for your time 👍


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
20 Apr

that was a good chance to win some money from these groups and know a lot about crypto.I join very shortly.


Ayesha Malik
20 Apr

Thanks for your presence and time.

Knowledge enhances when it's being distributed.


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