Crypto Currency Scammers are Now very Many In Africa!!!

Hello my crypto friends, I want to take this opportunity to share with you the challenges we are facing in Africa as far as the crypto space is concerned and I am sure you will lender some advise.

Some people are using to their advantage the fact that almost 98% of the Uganda population where I live are ignorant about crypto currencies and therefore they taking people's money and scamming them in the name crypto currency and crypto trading which has caused a lot of ciaos in the past days living many people pushing away from crypto currency.

To some one like me who has some knowledge about the potential and power of cypto currency, this terrifies me and annoys me to the maximum because every time I try to educate people about crypto currency some people on the other side of the city start to complain after their money has been robbed in the same name of crypto currency. It is very challenging and I feel we need to find a way to deal with these scammers.

My question to the community  would be how can we avoid being scammed and how can we help the people to adopt crypto currency with out them having fear to be scammed as this is a great fear to many people now....

Share advice and contribution to help my community back home and also our friends here on uptrennd who are in the same boat. lets help each other to support effective crypto adoption.



preview not available Victoria Haruna
03 Dec

To avaood scam is to stop being greedy and be very inquisitive.

There is obviously no way to stop scammers from scamming but you can avoid being scammed.

One a project is brought to you, be sure to do dilligient research. And when it sounds so good to be true, give it a long rope. Its probably not true.

Prevention they say is better than cure.



Rudolf Faix
03 Dec

Everybody needs to make his own investigations about scam offers.

Do not trust anyone in this world because even your shadow will leave you in the dark!

Trust others and you are abandoned.



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