Hey Trenndians!  I wanted to talk about one of the crypto offers I've been having some success at promoting - PipeFlare .

What is Pipeflare?

PipeFlare  is a free crypto faucet.  

 *** Hey don't leave!  ***

I know faucets are normally pretty crappy.  But PipeFlare  is actually pretty decent.  

Users can get a drip of 4 different cryptos (ZEC, DOGE, Dash, and FLR) once every day.   FLR is PipeFlare's  own crypto they launched about 2 months ago. For a faucet it is a decent sized drip (about 1 cent or so per drip). 

In addition to a having a respectable sized drip, PipeFlare  has a couple of other things going for it that help make it a worthwhile faucet:

  • Unlike most Faucets, PipeFlare puts the drips for ZEC, DOGE, and Dash right into your own wallet.  No minimum withdrawl.  Collect the drip and it goes right to your wallet.  No gas fees are deducted.

  • Second, you don't need to watch a video or do anything other than solve an easy CAPTCHA to get the drip.

So Why Should You Promote Pipeflare?

You might be asking what is so exciting about a program where you can earn 4 cents per day.  Well it is their referral program.

PipeFlare  has a great multi-level referral program that pays lifetime reward on every drip your referrals collect.  Best of all it pays on four levels of referrals!

1st - 50% 

2nd - 30% 

3rd - 20% 

4th - 10%

I have found that PipeFlare is a very easy program to promote, and already have 3rd level referrals.  

After all, how hard is it to give away free money?

The Crypto Oracle

*A wise sage wandering in the crazy crypto world handing out free advice that may or may not be worth the price.*


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