Crying is doesn't mean that a person is weak but it's mena that person has a heart

Do you know why a person cries? Do you know why a person has tears in his eyes? Why does it happen when someone plays with a person's feelings and emotions or when these feelings are made fun of? That person gets tears in his eyes a lot, that is, it hurts his emotions and feelings.

 So if we have an accident, then we cry or we endure or we overcome it, but when someone we love dearly, if it hurts us Even if it doesn't hurt physically, they kill us with their words and say words that are unacceptable.

 Despite being unacceptable words, we tolerate these words because we love this person immensely, but the same person plays with our feelings, delivers our files, then our eyes fill with tears and we start crying. ۔

 When a person listens not to his heart but to his mind, he can never be weak in any way. He is always a strong person, but the mind is listened to as well as the heart. Listen, sometimes feelings are created inside us, emotions are created inside us.

 And they weaken in mission and feelings and make us cry because our heart hurts. When a man's heart hurts, his eyes fill up and he starts to cry until his heart is full. He does not find peace, he keeps crying.

 Find out why it hurts a person. It hurts a person when we change our accent when we play with our files with our own accent or use words that hurt his heart.  We should not play with a person's feelings and we should treat this person with love and never hurt him. When someone is hurt, his sigh shakes the throne.  Curses can ruin our whole life.

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Adams Toskid
26 Mar

It's very dangerous to play with a person's heart especially with a lady's heart it's very hard to get their heart and if they give it to you don't toy with it... What you think you can do and free might not be like that if she curses you with her tear it's an endless curse. It can never be cure.

It's very rare for a man whom his heart is hurt to cry, you can't see it often, but to toy with someone's heart isn't a good idea.

We should always be careful with people's feelings. we are all human one can not cry when the heart is hurt.


Kainat Fatima
26 Mar

Then people hurt the feelings of others with their harsh tone and words and think that we have chased them but it never happens.How those words and harsh tone feel in the heart of the next servant which causes tears in his eyes, that person can never leave behind, The weeping man is patient, but his sighs never follow the next servant.


Fatimah Yetunde
26 Mar

Exactly I agree with you crying doesn't mean someone is weak, we cry it out so that we won't feel the pain again, it is the pain one is crying out not being weak, and it do hurt most especially one play with someone's feelings so the pain is what we cry out 


Suny Ag
26 Mar

Man is made of sentiments even if he is wise and power of thinking. When something goes against his sentiments he either gets upset or feels angry. Upset persons display their sentiments either in form of tears or anger. This is true for man and woman both. Man has a heart and he cries just like a woman if he doesn't like to show it openly. 


Rosewell ogini
26 Mar

Crying relief a heavy heart and sometimes expresses the Joy of the heart too, sometimes most people see tears as weakness as it expresses emotional feelings of the person involve


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