Crowdsale Network, through its totally exclusive pre-ICO project selection algorithm

Nowadays people can help each other to realize a project with a “crowdfunding” system. With this everyone can invest their money in many projects and get profit from the project. Crowdfunding is like a platform for anyone with an idea to present it to waiting investors. Thus, there are many projects that can be realized with the crowdfunding system. Crowdsale Network will be a strong expansion to its execution with extraordinary potential to the market. Progression of a novel count to pick new organizations and consistent financing instruments that will hinder adventure deception and secure the benefits and reputation of each charmed theorist. all in light of the fact that Crowdsale Network dispatches an ICO adventure stage being expected to drastically.Today, society moves quickly and intensely. There are various objective arranged exercises that specialists are directly working on or need to make. Thus, there are various errands that can be recognized with the crowdfunding system. 

Crowdsale network platform 

We create future together with you. Crowdsale.Network is a blockchain based platform, aimed to help projects find specialists and investors. Digitalize working business our crowdfund a new one – the chose is up to you. Crowdsale.Network is DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Projects are being added, selected and produced automatically. Study on our platform and enter VIP business-angeles community. Participate in Bounty and AirDrop campaigns of world-widely known projects. We are Crowdsale.Network. Together, we will change the world.

The CrowdSale Network through its Community Generation project and the CGEN token as a support project, it will be promoting all subsequent projects on the platform in a continuous and accurate manner, paying attention to but everyone because CGEN’s main task will be to bring people together with similar ideas to support socially significant startups worldwide, in this way Using the CGEN token, as all platform users will be able to invest and buy newly launched startup tokens at the best prices and earn multiple bonuses at the same time giving a greater incentive to everyone for more information visit the website and adapt all your expectations to everyone with an innovative platform 

How to Buy and Stake CSNP

How You Can Buy & Stake CSNP Token. First of All You Need To Buy CSNP Tokens. How you can buy CSNP tokens very easy. i will show you 1st you need to singup tht link 👉https://syedrasool2011    Fill Basic Form If You Have any Problem During The Account Creation You Can Visit This Link : 👉 How To  Make Account On Crowdsale & Buy Tokens For Staking .



Association of World Blockchains and Business Experts


A unique algorithm for selecting projects prior to ICO


Representative offices in dozens of countries around the world


Step-by-step project financing through Escrow account


Safe multiplication of investors’ assets


The opportunity to improve the world by charitable project “I change the world”

Franchising from our platform

We are looking for and carefully selecting projects for our platform. We need promising startups, we are ready to support them. If you know such projects, perhaps it’s time for you to become our representative.

To obtain a Crowdsale Network representative’s license, you must refill your personal account balance at

It does not matter where and from whom you bought CSNP tokens, the main condition is to keep tokens on your balance sheet, not on the exchange.


1800 CSNP — consultant license;

9000 CSNP — agent license;

45000 CSNP — partner license;

90 000 CSNP — City Advisor City license.

Earlier, we rewarded our representatives with bonuses for referral sales of licenses. Now everything changes. Referral bonuses from May 23, 2018 will be disabled. From now on, representatives will be rewarded by joining new startups to our platform. The received tokens or coins from startups will be distributed between licensed representatives of Crowdsale Network according to the number of tokens on the balance sheet. Representatives will participate in the AirDrop program which will be an additional bonus for them. If you benefit our platform we will gladly share it.

Become our agent in search of really interesting startups.

For finding and selecting startups representative of our platform can receive bonus tokens or coins of this startup at special rate.

Under the terms of our platform, 10% of coins or tokens issued will be distributed within the platform. If you find this startup, your share of coins will be calculated based on your status as platform representative:

Consultant — 1%

Agent — 2%

Partner — 3%

City Advisor — 4%

The holder of the City Advisor license gets the right to create a team of developers, marketers and other necessary experts for opening a CSN Lab in their city. Create a lab from our platform and select startups professionally and with understanding responsibility of this task.

We are developing, and we are aware of the need to expand CSN Labs’ innovation development centers, i.e. we are ready to open new laboratories around the world. Such centers will assist in the distribution of tasks in the selection and promotion of new startups. The staff of our laboratories / centers will have a unique opportunity to receive training at all events of our platform. If you can quickly and confidently receive training from us, having a City advisor status, you will have an opportunity to get extra reward from founders of selected startups as well. The reward for each project is determined individually.

Crodsale Project Deposit Bitcoin | How To Stake CSNP


Token name: CrowdSaleNetworkPlatform
Ticker: CSNP
Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Address: 0x96Ee9B27f822D71aE9cbF06773A878b41308C396
Decimal: 18
Total supply (after burning) 30,000,000 CSNP

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