Crowdsale Network, through its totally exclusive pre-ICO project selection algorithm

Nowadays people is understanding project like "crowdfunding" system. Everyone can invest their money in various projects and get profit from the project. Crowdfunding is a great platform for everybody to invest in cryptocurrency.

new company is usually financed by the entrepreneurs that founded it. In years past, one of the ways by which startups get financial backing to make their services and products known is through crowdfunding which comes in the form of donation. 

But since the introduction of cryptocurrency, Crowdsale which is a new form of fundraising to help these startups has emerged. It is a type of crowdfunding that utilizes the concept of cryptocurrency tokens issuance, which are purchased by contributors to finance the project or ideas of the startups. In this regard, owners of projects can easily design or build their cryptocurrency, and they also have the opportunity to start a crowdsale with other platforms. One platform that will make projects and startups to excel and achieve their dreams is the Crowdsale Network platform.


Crowdsale Network Platform (CSNP) is a powerful platform designed to accelerate businesses and projects, by utilizing a unique algorithm for selecting projects for pre-ICO, ICO, and crowdfunding. This network platform through its team of experts and developed partners ensures that the large amount of money which project owners spend on advertising and packaging their projects are drastically reduced 

CSNP supports and implements socially important projects. Because these projects can easily improve and change the quality of life of everyone, thereby making the world better. Crowdsale Network aims to create its own reliable and secure ecosystem where millions of people all can join for the development and formation of the crypto business.

Crowdsale Network platform employs the services of blockchain technology to provide its users with powerful tools for online fundraising. This network platform offers a lot of attractive services to startups, businesses, and projects such as legal support, listing startups on the platform, creating a new token, promoting the project on social networks, etc.


As a decentralized platform, the Crowdsale network combines both blockchain technology and business experts to give users the best. Blockchain technology comes with great features and innovations, which have truly transformed the crowdsale market, bringing transparency and freedom in the market, thereby allowing the general public to access new projects without any geographic limitation or restrictions.

Being a decentralized network platform allows anyone to become a full-edged micro investor who can help projects with good potential to make the world better. CSNP is also focused on creating a universal crypto platform where crypto enthusiasts, users, and investors can come together to interact with one another by participating in projects and sharing their experiences.

Crowdsale Network is a business accelerator and a crowdfunding platform that is designed to bring innovation to the new generation. As a blockchain-based decentralized platform, it uses a unique algorithm in the selection of projects before ICO.

ICO which is known as Initial Coin or Currency Offering is described as a type of funding that makes use of cryptocurrency. It is imperative to understand that ICO is a form of crowdfunding, and during ICO some coins or tokens are sold to speculators and investors to receive or acquire legal tender or more stable coins like Ethereum (Eth) and Bitcoin (BTC). And the sold coins or tokens are promoted once the purpose of the ICO's funding has been met and the project is launched successfully.

Crodsale Project Deposit Bitcoin | How To Stake CSNP

Startups can utilize ICO as a source of capital which will enable them to build, and solidify their ideas or products. Another interesting part of ICO is that it allows startups to avoid regulations that restrict or limit them from seeking investment from the general public, banks, venture capitalists, etc. 


The token name is known as CSPN token. It is an ERC-20 compatible token built on Ethereum blockchain, and it is used as a medium of exchange among participants. Another important thing about this token is that it was created to be used in developing the Startup Promoter profession and also for the study of innovative projects.


Crowdsale Network Platform is reliable, secure, and transparent. This platform has shown in the past few years that they are capable of helping startups and projects to excel and become successful. In addition to that, they have already created a simple and effective system of attraction that will bring startups, investors as well as specialists together, thereby uniting experts around the world who are interested in improving the blockchain industry by selecting good, valuable, and promising projects.

To crown it all, Crowdsale Network provides a training center known as Crowdsale Network Lab, which is an innovative training center for selecting startups and preparing projects for ICO. Are you a project inventor or a startup founder looking for a place to help you develop and market your business, project, idea, or product? Cry no more, because Crowdsale Network Platform is here for you.


Token name: CrowdSaleNetworkPlatform
Ticker: CSNP
Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Address: 0x96Ee9B27f822D71aE9cbF06773A878b41308C396
Decimal: 18
Total supply (after burning) 30,000,000 CSNP

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