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Question 1: From whom does the authority of the whole body of politics is derived? 

Question 2: What's God's promise to our material well-being as heir of the kingdom? 

The times we lived now require us to be detailed about God's word, purpose and plans towards us, our ability to unravel and understand the world we live in is critical to fulfilling purpose in Christ Jesus. 

I would really appreciate lovers of God's word to join in this Bible study challenge because your opinion is vital and altogether better for our journey in Christ. 

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ifeoma e
09 Mar

The authority of the whole body of politics is derived from the Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth with all things there in.

God's promises to our material well-being as heir of the kingdom is that He will supply all our needs according to his riches and glory.

Wise one, I think this is the answer to the two questions.  But if not, I will look forward to your corrections.



Ishmael Kelechi
09 Mar

If I got that first question right, in Paul's epistle to the Romans, Believers are enjoined to be faithful to constituted authority. 

And in proberbs, it confirms that when the wicked rules, the people cry, but when the righteousness, the people rejoice. As such believers should not sit back and watch their livelihood shattered by the wicked people and their draconian policies.

The second question bothering of God's promise for our material possession. I'd rather say, God wants us to be prosperous,  putting into consideration, His will. 

Also in the Book of Proverbs, it stated that the poverty of the poor is their destruction. Hence, God doesn't wants us destroyed, so we should be rich in material possession according to the quantum of our capability. In Zechariah, God own the silver and the gold. And since we are his children, we shouldn't lack. 


Eunigold Paul
09 Mar

Wow im so surprise seeing this post now as if you knew that I just read some part of the scriptures now and it's a bit similar, 


It is derived from God. According to st paul. God alone is the ultimate authority. Go to Matthew 6:13. God design some people to delegated authority, which means God assigned some people to rule. Although Bible also condemns the exploitation of human and that's what our government are doing


God's promise to our material wellbeing

what I understand is that God never looks down on his own (children)

money, good health, and wealth are some of the blessings God has given to his children.

I believe God never disappoints anyone who obeys his word


Kelvin Ajah
09 Mar

1. The scriptures says upon him shall the government of the people be, so I think it is derived from Christ. 

2. in Matthew 6, God gave us assurance of our needs being taken care of by God, that all we need to do, is to seek Him and His righteousness. 


Anthony Eri
09 Mar

Question 1: From whom does the authority of the whole body of politics is derived?

The whole body of politics is derived from the authority of God through his son Jesus Christ. God as the creator of Heaven and Earth has placed that authority to his son Jesus Christ and when Jesus came to Earth in the form of man, he found his 12 disciples and ordered them to spread the good news, baptizing men in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit.

Question 2: What's God's promise to our material well-being as heir of the kingdom? 

As heir to God's kingdom, it means we have been adopted as a child of God and we are partakers of all the promises of God He first gave to Abraham. Secondly, as heir to God's kingdom, everything that belongs to God, belongs to us. Automatically, authority has been bestowed upon us and we are God's representatives on Earth! We have the power to bind and decree and it will be honored in Heaven.







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