Creative Photography Contest

This is my submission for Guardian Navi's creative photography contest. 

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The story behind the Photograph

My son and I love watching hot air balloons take off and land. However, on that day in January last year when he decided that he wanted to go in a hot air balloon ride we drove all the way to the site which is pretty close to the airport. Sadly when we landed there we realized that the services were suspended for a couple of days due to some emergency. So, we decided to drive further till the airport and watch the planes take off and land. This was before the lock down started. 

We drove to an alley behind the airport which has acres of farmland and no buildings to restrict our view. As we waited for the planes to land or take off from that direction we noticed that a number of dragon flies were flying low. However, it was hard to focus on these and get a decent picture as the midday sun deterred our plans. We also missed a couple of planes that flew past us as it was sudden. 

As I stood still and ready with my camera I noticed a plane take off. I was thrilled to get this image of the dragon fly and the plane in one shot. Though my son was disappointed that he did not get his hot air balloon ride, he was thrilled with some of the sights we saw that day.

The plane was just over head when I captured this image and it looks like the plane and the dragon flying were doing a sortie of some sort together. Though there are hundreds of other lovely photographs I have taken this one is the most creative of the lot .

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Images used here were taken by me. 



Abdul Aziz
17 Jan

You have captured a very beautiful moment. Your photography is very fantastic. Best of luck for the content.


Ifiok Eso
17 Jan

Wow, your phone camera was so clear, your really got a perfect shot.. This is a nice entry for the contest dear, goodluck to you..


Sofs Su
17 Jan

I couldn't have done with with my pohone camera, the height is too much for a clear shot as this. This was taken with my cannon DSLR. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Mfoniso Michael
17 Jan

It looks like you and you son do have a lovely times together.

It's quite creative, more like the dragon is with the plane. Lol. I wish you the best in the contest.


Sofs Su
17 Jan

Thank you so much, yes we di have a lot of fun togther.  That is picture of him holding my camera and taking shots.


Epiphany Arthur
17 Jan

Dayum, mama! It sounds like you and your son get to have so much fun together. 😊😊😊😊

Quick question: did you use a phone for the second picture? Because goalssss!!!!

I hope he gets to go on his hot air balloon ride soon. 😊😊😊😊

Good luck on the contest! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽


Sofs Su
17 Jan

@Epiphany Arthur.. its almost impossible to get a shot like that with a phone camera.. due to the distance.. This poicture was taken with my cannon DSLR.


Epiphany Arthur
18 Jan

Phew! I was almost beginning to feel realllly insecure about my own phone. 😅😅😅😅

It's a beautiful picture, and one of these days, I'll own my own camera too. 😁😁😁😁


Valente Ibraimo
17 Jan

You had fun, this is very good, you do your duties, you are still this wonderful father, many are looking for it, but they are not having it.


Sofs Su
17 Jan

A small correction, I am a mom. 







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