Creative Photography by Naveed

My passion for photography started just 2 years ago and I can say that I love it so well!

1. Someone is thirsty.

I was trying to focus on the periwinkle when I noticed this fly that seriously and I think carefully holding on to this drop not to fall from it's mouth.

2. Splash of sand!

One sunset moment, my daughter and her friends were busy playing with the sand and I enjoyed clicking and this one was my favorite.

3. The tiny flower.

It was raining and what better way to enjoy but to grab my macro lens and capture those cute drops.  And to keep this tiny drop from falling, I asked my husband to cover it with umbrella.  Then I set-up a white flower near the drop to make it look like a flower inside a drop!

Thanks @N4V1111 for this contest where we can showcase of passion in photography.

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Cherry Harryianne
16 Jan

-Hala Sis!!! Hehe, I miss all these photos of you, Our good old days na ha!! All the pictures are genuine and highest of quality and creativity

The macro photography especially the small flower..great!

The insect is magnificent! Wondering about your patience in capturing this na!

The that Yuri? Wow..on the spot shot!! No words to describe Sis! One of a kind! God bless you!!!❤❤❤

Goodluck to the contest!😉

Blessed Day!🌷


Brigitte Gonzales
17 Jan

Thank you sis for all the kind words, I really appreciate it and would really push me to do better. I am glad to really get re-connected with you!  

And yes sis, that is Yuri♥️♥️♥️


Suny Ag
17 Jan

Impressive work, I enjoyed watching photos and reading the description.


Brigitte Gonzales
17 Jan

Aw, thank you so much! Appreciate it a lot


Maazii Khan.
16 Jan

Wow very nice and very beautiful photography.i like your photography.


preview not available Navi .
17 Jan

Hello @Brigitte G glad to see you here!

Quality entry I must say. Loving that water droplet. 

Thanks to participating :) 🥳 


Brigitte Gonzales
18 Jan

Yay, I am so glad you liked it and I am humbled by your words. Nice to see you too.  


shoukat altaf
17 Jan

Wow great photography I like all three photos very much.  Taking pictures on occasion is an art


Brigitte Gonzales
18 Jan

Thank you so much.  If you love something you will really pour your heart into it just to get the best result. Glad you liked it☺️







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