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You can't call everyone your friend, they don't love you, they just want to enjoy your kindness after leaving you.

Evaluate the people who are going to approach you, because for them you are very valuable, only you haven't realized it yet.

Have more time just for yourself, and don't just take care of fake people who pretend to care about you while inside they just want to take advantage of you.

wake up because you are very valuable, there are many things of value that are within you, do not be fooled by the crowd of friends around you because they are undermining you without knowing it.

Wake up early in the morning, because later it will be late but you will no longer have the strength to look at your life, because your false friends will brutally undermine you.

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Moscom Moses
17 Jan

May we have the sense to stay away from false friends. People that are not for our good.


Chidiebere Christian
17 Jan

Values are what one ought to seek for rather than most things we just go about doing. We ought to define our friendship with people


shoukat altaf
17 Jan

This is a very good post. The meaning of the post is known only from the image of the post.  Better a poor horse than no horse at all.


Ifiok Eso
17 Jan

We should be careful and smart in all our doings and the people we tell our secrets to. Some friends are enemies in disguise..


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
17 Jan

Yeah know how to ou manage your friends in your circle because human varies because some are only be with you for what they stand to gain and not as if they value your friendship with them and immediately they couldn't get anything from they give you space so you will be hurt as that's the time you will realised they never care about you a bit.


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