Crazy transaction fees

​This year for me started gloriously and I was very happy that things were falling in line for my good.

​As you all know in crypto and market generally there are possibilities of profiting and counting loses sometimes, I go for the first,I want to always experience profits all my life, so I make my plans to see that my desires come to fruition.

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​Yesterday was one of the days this year that I had a great loss because of the excessive and crazy fees in the Ethereum blockchain, I lost a lot mistaking just to get a little for an emergency, I carried out the transaction blindly, I was not patient to think it through and look at it very well because of the emergency of the situations that require the fund, but I learnt my lessons.

​We learn daily, so when surfing the net today I came across MXC exchange then I remembered the first  transaction I did with them I was just charged very little, then I remembered also I had am account there that I can easily carry out trade on Ethereum blockchain projects there with very little fees, them I ran to download the app from Google play store.

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Can eth high transaction fees ever be fixed with the incoming of eth 2.0, I strongly believe if fixed, eth will do more greater than Bitcoin, this present fees are hurting millions of people in the crypto space.

​image :trust wallet,MXC website "​Mxc​​​



Romeo Hart
05 Jan

This is indeed ccrazy, imagine bthe transaction fees greater than the amount to be transferred. Hahahahaha


Moscom Moses
05 Jan

Eth feel is making a lot of people not to trade.

Thanks for the information on MXC. My husband and I will give it a try.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
05 Jan

Mxc is cul ,I pray this eth fees thing is resolved fast


James Essien
05 Jan

this is really bad imaging the heavy charge. You should always be careful when you want to effect any transaction.


Gilbert Boniface
05 Jan

The transaction fees is real high. I think there should fix a charge for sending Eth.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
05 Jan

There can't be a fix charge because of the market fluctuations


Saviour Essien
05 Jan

It’s horrible when gas fee is kicking this high let’s not blame anyone just be patience and waits for the perfect time. 


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
05 Jan

Ok not blaming anyone waiting patiently for eth 2.0


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