Crab mentality

The Crab mentality is "if I can't get it, neither will you." This is very common, therefore,  to find fisherman catch crab and leave them in an open container, convinced that no one will be able to escape without being pull back into the container by one of its kind.

Manifestation of the Crab mentality:

The Crab mentality manifest in every spheres of human life- in school among students, at the workplace among fellow workers even in religious sphere. Many brilliant and hardworking students have had their academic dreams cut off by the dangerous actions of other students because of this mentality. "If I can't get it, neither will you" . This goes a long way to the point that students are no longer helping themselves because no one wants anyone to be better than him or her. In workplace people find it difficult to help one another is it in terms of promotion or what have you?

The crab mentality manifests itself in such an envy and jealousy which breed bitterness and hatred. Only leads to violence destruction that lead to actions such as persecution of the innocent. This violence has gone to the point that one that is lacking in particular thing we not want other to have such a thing, they can even decide to kill other person for  having it. Envy and anger can be very destructive.

Are you manifesting crab mentality? It is high time you do away with such a behaviour. When you see someone that is doing perfectly okay you don't have to develop any threats of envy and anger instead celebrate such an individual. When you celebrate someone you shall be celebrated. Starts changing your mentality and do away with crab mentality.

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Peter Faith
02 Nov

crab mentality is becoming the order of the day and some people dont want others to make through where they have failed,

If you dont make it those not give you the right to cause fall for others


Alagbe Adeniyi
02 Nov

Most people have the  same crab mentality due to the mischievous ways they acquire or do things resulting to other negative effects


Godswill Johnson
02 Nov

Many gathering today are inhabiting the crab mentality which is disastrous. Since they can't get it, they prefer it to get spoilt instead of someone else having it. And that's wickedness in the highest nature.

What you see that you can't achieve, give someone else space to achieve it.


Adeiyi Iyiola
02 Nov

That’s crabs 🦀 mentality, I had wrote an article here months back which titled crabs 🦀 mind. If I can’t have it none will have it


Faith Haruna
02 Nov

I never knew this kind of mentality was called the crab mentality. This is actually a bad kind of mentality to possess. People don't know that when they help people achieve things, those same people can help them achieve theirs too.


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