Corruption In The Land Of The White Man.

Happy 2up Tuesday and greetings to everyone in Uptrennd city.

Just yesterday former French president Nicholas Sarkozy who has been standing trial for corruption was sentenced to prison.

Ouch! I can't believe the story. All we hear about Africa and some parts of Asia & the Americas is that we are third world people and we termed 'good for nothing'.

A former president of France? What was he thinking of? That he won't be caught? I can't really understand.

But that is not the crux of the article. My take is that corruption is everywhere. Corruption is not a product of race,creed or gender.

All we hear about Africa and the rest of the developing world is evil as the West is trying to portray all the time.

We are good and can be good. I am proud of my race. Whoever is not proud of his/her race should go and bleach.

Image source: AFP photo



Josemendez P.
02 Mar

Corruption is everywhere bro , the difference is that some countries have ways and measures in place that have helped reduce the rate of corruption in their countries 


Oskar Zimmerman
02 Mar

It is truly a fool who thinks corruption is all bad or can be eliminated. Use it like a tool, without letting the tool control you.


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

Agreed that corruption is everywhere . But the difference in justice system makes them superiors and developed country. We are never witnessed such justice in our homelands.


Zizy Mena
02 Mar

corruption is everywhere but then we can't argue the fact that some people are more corrupt than others. by the way, what was his offence? corruption seems quite ambiguous.


Lubna Rao
02 Mar

You are right and I'm satisfaied.

Dear corruption is every where we just need to improve ourselves. We blame other this is totally wrong we own self create this disease and we can destroy it. 

Some country took a step against this but some don't 


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