Corona vs Exams

Hi Uptrenndian fellows!!!

How are you all???

Hope you guys are fine and enjoying this platform.  

As you guys know that all the educational institute has been closed due to Covid 19.

Moreover all the ongoing exams have been postponed as well. 

Exams attack on students but Covid 19 is protecting all the students Lol. 

Students don't like exams as its mentally disturbance for us😂

We all students don't want to give exams and just want degree which is impossible for us 😂


Our exams are postponed now and I am very happy for this because I have now enough time to prepare for remaining 2 papers. 

It's just a meme!!!

Don't take it too much serious. 

I know the situation is very bad right now. 

We all are worried about this Covid 19 because its a deadly virus.

May Allah protect all of us from this virus. 

Kindly follow Sops and keep social distances.


Remember me in your prayers as well.

Stay blessed ❤



Fatima Joyo
27 Nov

Funny picture many students who are not aware about what covid is in real how dangerous this virus is are enjoying this vacation break ... but apart from this we all need to be more careful because this virus is spreading again we need to stay home and pray for eachother..

May Allah protect all of us ameen..


Amal Fatima
27 Nov

Covid is protected all the student from exams and students are very happy😂

I pray that Corona virus is ended and we return to our normal life ☺️

Take good care of yourself. 

Follows precautionary measures 🙂


Iqra Asmat
27 Nov

Yeah everyone is happy coz their exams have postponed. But unlucky me... My exams are not postponed 🙄... We even cant enjoy holidays.. 

Yeah i know these are holidays to follow sops and to protect yourself.. But but but... Huhhhh...... Just leave 😂😂😂

And at the end yeah its funny but.. Don't forget to follow sops to protect yourself from this dangerous virus 

Stay home stay safe


Marva Noureen
27 Nov


You are right, when the papers come close, we start getting tense, so we are happy that we did not have the papers.⁦☺️⁩⁦☺️⁩

But the situation is bad due to Corona virus. May Allah eradicate this disease as soon as possible so that we can live our life in the best way again.


Cee Mu
27 Nov

Lol, in terms of exams, Corona has given students lesser worries in terms of exam preparations and most of the exams have been put online which makes it easier for some of the students to cheat and lessen that studying burden but however, the same virus has taken so many lives.. I pray that it will go away.







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