Contests the best cook is my mom!

You always show off to your friends, how well does your mother cook?

But when you do, do others also say that their mother is the best cook?

So they never end up reaching an agreement!

Thinking about this

I have organized a contest, entitled:

The best cook is my mom!

With this contest you will have the opportunity to show why you consider that your mother cooks better than the other mothers.

The rules are very simple:
Write a post and publish it in the community of:

Nutrition food & drinks.

Share the post link on Twitter with the following tags:






In this post you will describe just one of those delicious dishes that your mother cooks.

List the ingredients you use.

Explain the preparation of the dish, and if you do not know how it is prepared.
Take the opportunity to ask your mom how she does it.
I assure you that he will feel happy
answering you.

It further explains:
how you feel when you get home and you know mom is cooking for you.

Hmm, how do you feel when that rich smell hits your nose?

Do you feel your mother's love when you taste it?

Stand out, make your creativity shine, show your pride in the best chef in the world.
! Your mother.!

There are 1000 1UP that will be distributed in five prizes.

1st place 350 UP
2nd place 250 UP
3rd place 200 UP
4th place 100 UP
5th place 100 UP

The winners will be named on Monday, February 1, 2021.

The deadline to publish is: Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Very important:

Drop the Uptrennd and Twitter links in the comments.

 Do not stop participating!



26 Jan

Ooo that's great sir Javior

Thank you very much sir you have create a contest on a very good topic i will definitely join it.



Areej Raheel
26 Jan

Ohhh. Contest for moms appreciation.

Great. Our mom spend all their time in kitchen to made food for us. And we even do not know how she made it. 

I will be there with my entry soon. 


Huda Mehru
26 Jan

Wowwwwww its a very great contest 

I will surely ensure my entery to the contest 

I feel that here is going to be great fun on Uptrennd

Thank you soo much for organizing such a nice contest 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
26 Jan

Thank you for your comment, I hope to have your participation.


rabail fatima
26 Jan

Wao that's good and also amazing contest too hope we will enjoyed it tooo. Thanks for arranging this contest stay happy and blessed 


M.A Khan
26 Jan

Wow @javier arturo p. It will be going to a great great contest.. Thanks for creating such great opportunity for all of us. Best wishes to all in advance.


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