We are going to do a quick and easy self check to find out how exhausted you are.

Answer the following five questions

​​​​​💥​​​​ How is your mood?

💥 How often do you come down with a cold?

💥If you are still of childbearing age, how regular is your period?

💥How often do you have trouble with your bowels?

💥How good is your energy?

Aim to fill your daily diet with fibrous foods such as potatoes, ginger, beans, yoghurt, cottage cheese etc. Because they nourish and raise the levels of good gut bacteria. Look out for SUPER FOODS such as coconut, apple, vinegar, tumeric, raisins, banana and spinach.

Also add fibre rich vegetables to your diet such as asparagus, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage because they have a tremendous impact on your gut and hormone levels.

No Coffee Past Midday

​​​​​​​​Excessive caffeine slows down your thyroid and raises your cortisol. It aggravates gut disorders and acid reflux. When you are actively trying to fix your inflammation levels, gut and hormones, try reduced or zero caffeine.

Avoid caffeine intake after noon because it can interfere with your circadian rhythm. Drink alcohol moderately, three drinks a week. It's a great way to enjoy wine without wrecking your hormones.

Go Easy On The Exercise

​​​​When you are living a stressful lifestlye and you are pushing yourself everyday to the limit through exercise, it can lower your thyroid function and increase cortisol production and inflammation. Go easy on long cardio sessions and try yoga or any gentler exercise.

Time Your Eating

​​​​Do you know about intermittent fasting and it's health benefits? What this means is eating when your body and gut is naturally primed to deal with the process of digestion that is not late at night.

Intermittent fasting implies you to stop eating by 8pm and fast for 12 hours. You will have breakfast at 8am, lunch at midday and dinner at 6pm. If you need to shift the hours, do so but make sure not to eat too late. Try out this plan for two weeks and notice positive changes to your energy levels.

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preview not available etson arrantes
03 Mar

The exercies should be staying in our life as far as we live.. And also time of meals too important.. We need to plan our lives if we want to live properly..


Anthony Eri
03 Mar

Absolutely! Planning is the key factor in all we do. We need to plan our lives and strike a balance so we can be able to reduce stress and anxiety in our life


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
03 Mar

As for me you can conquer tiredness by not over working yourself know when to work and when to relax.


asma noor
03 Mar

As for me you may triumph over tiredness by no longer over running yourself realize while to work and whilst to loosen up.


Rosewell ogini
03 Mar

I think exercising the body and timing your eating also helps a lot I have tried it and it worked for me. Thanks for sharing


preview not available Osato Jegede
03 Mar

I guess most Africans are already used to the Intermittent fasting, because of our environment 


Anthony Eri
03 Mar

😂😂😂 very true! Many are unconsciously following the intermittent fasting system. What's left to be added is improving our diet with rich, fibrous foods to complete the puzzle







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