Conquer that fear or remain stagnant.


Fear is one of the most dangerous factors that has stopped us from doing things that would have changed more than just our lives in the world today. 

I could remember vividly some years ago, a friend told me about a scholarship exam to a University in Poland. He claimed he told me because he believed I would make it through, he wanted to apply too but had a doubting mind due to some academic challenges.

Deep down in me, I had the fear of not making it through so I decided that we started preparing for the exams together. We started preparing even before applying for the scholarship, I had a better space than hers so she spends much time with me studying.

We applied and got all the necessary documents but I end up not taking the exams because I felt I didn't have a chance of winning. I was scared to fail, I felt like the caliber of people writing the exams were better and attended a better school than I did.

To my surprise, my friend was among the students who won the scholarship. She couldn't stop thanking me for helping her with her difficulties with some subjects.

I regret allowing fear to stop me from grabbing every opportunity that came my way. It became a bad memory for me but I learned a very important lesson about life.

My experience never made me miss any opportunity again, I don't care if my chances of success are zero. I engage with every opportunity that comes my way.

Who knows, maybe if I didn't learn that lesson, I might miss out on Uptrennd University's amazing benefits and opportunities.

I might have been very far away from where I am today because the impact of UU on me is great and I will forever be grateful for that. I am happy for being a part of this great community and I believe that the best of us is yet to come.

It is normal for us as humans to be scared of things that might look too big for us to achieve but allowing the fear to prevent you from trying is a very bad thing. When you don't try, you can't achieve anything new. No matter how scared you are, give it a shot and you do be surprised at your success level.




Freekay Gold
30 Dec

Sure you are right.

Life is full of fear be we most learn how to ignore the fear so that we can achieve our goals.


George Dee
30 Dec

Conquering the fear is the only thing that can benefit us as human 


Abdulwasiu Sakariyau
30 Dec

Fear is the killer of dream 

A popular proverb says 

The fear of failure is the cause of failure 


George Dee
30 Dec

It is indeed a killer of dream, fear will never allow you achieve anything great in life


Shiru Faith
30 Dec

Hmmm,this is really motivating and I have learn alot from this write up.

I have always been a victim of this act, always scared to try because I do not like to fail.

But I will from now on turn a new live.


George Dee
30 Dec

Facing your fear will go a long way dear, it opens you new achievement and you will be amaze at what you will accomplish 


Ishmael Kelechi
30 Dec

Fear can snatch your comfort from you. When the intent to fear a procedure comes your way, remind yourself you can reach height unimaginable. 

Fear is nothing, nothing is to be feared. 


George Dee
30 Dec

I love your spirit bro, nothing truly is to be feared and I wish everyone understands that.


Minha Khan
30 Dec

yeah you are right.

our life is combination of fear,happiness,up and down.but we never give up just learn from our mistakes and believe on ourself  that we can do anything in this world.







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