Confession Time

My Uptrennd experience has been pretty amazing, regardless of the dynamics it has assumed, one factor we cannot excuse is the  moment of joy, excitement and fun filled the platform is known for. 

The Tuesday Raining Party was indeed a time you certainly don't plan to miss out. The ideology and composition was well articulated and understood, our focus wasn't on the benefit we can derive from the platform, but rather how much we can expand and communicate the ideology to the hinterland. Especially to the low income world, where passive income could make a significant difference. 

The liberty to regulate the platform was entrusted to the entire Uptrennd community, the goal was simple, make Uptrennd a self regulated community that gets everyone involved in the power play. However, it appears overtime that the common good of all wasn't the superstructure that should be guided by jealousy. 

The New narrative, suddenly became one that's focused on the points, original and quality contents can as well be sacrificed as long as it made rooms for points accumulation. It was nobody's business, no one was willing to look beyond today, despite the continued yelling of the Guardians and other community members who have the platform at heart. 

The follow up was that the support channel was packed full for various complaints challenging why they were either muted and downvoted. Everyone was right even in glaring evidence, the worst was that the community back down from being the watchdog and law enforcement. Nobody wants to assume a bad image, some fear the aftermath and while for others they could not be seen hurting their friends. 

The tokenonics implications is that the deviance behavior was making the 1up tokens available for free without a corresponding effort. The hallmark was that those tokens were being ushered into the market for cheap with recourse to the negative implications. Other, major aspects is that, hardwork was being eroded with generic comments, good morning, and happy new months post's. 

The irony is that, these set of individuals wants Uptrennd to continue for their manipulations. The ideology that altogether sustains the platform was regulated to the background.

The conclusion of the matter, everyone regardless in one way or the other through negligence were involved. So it's confession time, let me hear your part of the story. Be bold, no one is going to victimize you, it's important where we have messed up is known to us. By so doing, we can all come together champion a pathway forward for the good of all and the platform. 



Ejimadu Onyedikachi
25 Mar

I have done my best to the best of my ability to keep up with quality but I think I should have done better by not letting those who have infiltrated the camp with the singular priority to farm 1up in any kind of way getaway.

I have taken a stand to do the needful against any generic comment especially on my post...

Hope it is not a crime for me to block anyone who constantly drops spam comment on my post?


Muhammad Waheed Satti
26 Mar

it so discusting whats your thought on your mind.But i should be prefer my colleagues and people related to my circumstance thay they should block any kind of this stance as well as devoted this type of scenario


Safari Bangz
25 Mar

Well I don't know what to say on this matter... You havee said it all in the post.. I have no further contribution.. I'm just waiting to see how the next 6days will look like.  I want to see what sir Jeff has in stock for us. As he announced the other day. 


Uncle Jay
25 Mar

Well, it has been a while since visited this place. A real-life situation caught up with me. However, whenever I'm here I do my best to keep up with the act of dishing out quality content. 


Anthony Eri
25 Mar

Confession time? 😂 In the beginning of my Uptrennd days, I was muted for Plagiarism when I didn't understand how things worked out here and had my points deducted until I had to learn the hard well. Had to learn that Uptrennd requires originality and quality. Even during my 1 month in prison, when my account muted and I couldn't gain access to Uptrennd, it was enough to say Goodbye to the platform but I used that period to explore faucet site and that gave me a little dimension about Cryptocurrency. After my 1 month ban, I was excited to be back to the platform.... I set a target for myself! To work hard to become a citizen!! Fast forward today, I'm glad for my Uptrennd journey. Even when the value of the token fell and engagement became low, I was still with Uptrennd because I could foresee it's future.... Today, I'm glad that future is becoming a reality gradually. 1UP is getting stronger and all those who left are now returning....


Eunigold Paul
25 Mar


I need to confess now hahaha. 2up Tuesday is the day I don't like to miss at all, I might miss any other day, but the fact that users are always active, hence the message is being passed across to people.

The thing is that I have a passion for uptrend, even when it seems so hard to get points, but we must all try our best(work and uptrennd). Sometimes it hurt me so much when people post a message that is important and fewer people visit it. 

Nevertheless, it our duty to keep to uptrennd rules and regulations. And for sure we must all smile soon







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