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competition #UptrenndFlyer MY PROPOSAL

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Busola Akinlolu 2 weeks ago

Your flyer creation is beautiful, great effort indeed :)

Hey ghibli,

You were muted for not leaving a spurce link to the images you share on your post, and you don't respond to comments in that regards, not leaving an image source link is a form of plagiarism on that image. Kindly make sure you see to doing the needful.

You're doing a great job here and you're appreciated for it, i personally like to read from you. No fuse nor hard feelings it all love here. 

Salena Billings 2 weeks ago

Excellent communication Busola!  I so appreciate all that you do, and policing the community can't be an easy task.  Yet you do so in such a kind and caring way! 😘❤

St3v3 T88888 2 weeks ago

Great effort for contest thanks for taking part ive added you to the list of entrants

Aqib Ajmal 1 week ago

Congratulations Ghibli ! For winning Flyer contest.

Idea Clipper 2 weeks ago

wonderful use of color scheme... hope it will qualify

Salena Billings 2 weeks ago

I'm loving all of your colors Ghibli! I agree that your colors communicate attraction to Uptrennd and you've done a wonderul job!







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